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Like a row of piglets, he thought later, though he meant nothing by it, only seeing the comforts of drinking companionably together, the calming bliss of the beer, the bar like the long body of a sow happy to give suck.
Who, having once seen Ontani's photographic portrayal of Leda being ravished by the swan in one of the 24 Ore (24 Hours), 1975, or as the mother wolf (a transformation effected by just a skin draped over the crouching artist's back) preparing to give suck to a multiracial Romulus and Remus in Lapsus Lupus, 1992, could forget them?
Jesus, speaking of expected and time events, showed no special concern for fetal Life: "Alas for those that are with child, and those that give suck in those days" (Matthew 24:19, Mark 13:11, and Luke 21:23).
A bowdlerized version of the Bible was completed by Noah Webster, who deleted many verses altogether and substituted breast for teat, in embryo for in the belly, smell for stink, to nurse or to nourish for to give suck, and so on.
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