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cause to happen, occur or exist

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The official said that policymakers have so far failed to create strong enough capital requirements for banks, which coupled with easy money policies, could give rise to new financial issues in the markets.
Whether those cases go that far is questionable, but they are clearly inapplicable when the subject debt is fixed and determinable at the time of discharge--even if it was originally too contingent to give rise to basis.
However, that is not to say that they do not give rise to useful material for a plea in mitigation.
We, too, cannot continue to make the mistake of ignoring the cultural and economic conditions that give rise to today's gangs.
If members refer to each other as partners, that may give rise to a finding of partnership by estoppel; on the other hand, referring to member firms as affiliates may not.
How do you distinguish between symptoms of emotional distress, which do not give rise to any exclusion, and damages paid for physical sickness that do?
The somewhat dramatic accounts of Einstein's five papers sometimes obscure the fact that it was not truly that sudden a leap which brought us face to face with a space-time continuum subtly curved to give rise to gravity.
may give rise to a covered Loss,' they mean precisely that: 120 days.
The example indicated that, while the contractor's work generally qualified for section 199 benefit, materials the taxpayer installed did not give rise to DPGR and needed to be accounted for separately (35)--a result criticized as impractical and burdensome.
That pattern argues that ancestors of the desert locust crossed the Atlantic to give rise to a lineage that branched out in the New World, he says.
A gap in coverage can also arise if the new carrier requires the insureds, either in response to a question in its application or in a stand-alone warranty letter, to warrant that no proposed insured is aware of any facts or circumstances that could give rise to a claim and to list any exceptions.
The court also held that the DNA collection statute did not give rise to substantive due process rights.
These are two disparate individuals who were to have a seminal affect on the creation of modern psychology and represents the metaphysical influences of occultism and mysticism upon the scientific and cultural forces that would give rise to modern society.
Michael Wosnick, executive director of the National Cancer Institute of Canada, which is the society's research arm, says that while traditional stem cell research has led to all kinds of advances it has had a "limited repertoire" because progenitor cells only give rise to cells in their own category.
The CTX prophages in El Tor strains give rise to infectious phage particles (1), but neither of the two CTX prophages integrated at two different sites of the classical genome give rise to phage particles (4).