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have as a by-product

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I think for the most part you will be surprised by what does and what doesn't give off a reading, and for the most part energy levels are much lower or insignificant than you expect.
The Notre Dame researcher's lab is studying what smells plants that mosquitoes are attracted to give off.
For one, using a headset (these give off significantly less radiation) or speaker phone keeps the phone itself away from your head.
When humans breathe, they give off carbon dioxide and that draws the midges to us.
The lights give off no peripheral glow and provide a straight beam of light that focuses only on the task at hand.
Patients with a variety of lung problems give off different chemicals in their breath and there is a particular cocktail given off by those with tumours.
According to the company, they are a healthy alternative to the usual paraffin variety, which may give off chemicals when lit.
It's important to note that Cobalt 60 does not give off particulate radiation (neutrons), which means it cannot make anything around it radioactive.
Researchers have long known that hypervelocity impacts give off bursts of heat and visible light.
If it does not give off a sound immediately, it is remelted for future cymbals.
REPLY: Xenon headlights give off a blue effect from certain angles and distances but return to white on level roads.
To give off a confident air, appear to expand beyond your physical space.
Although it seemed rather flimsy for a 450-pound bear, Bonkers has been trained to stay inside enclosures surrounded by wires that give off a small electrical charge when touched.
When the candles burn, the wicks give off gas lead particles, which then settle on walls and in lungs.