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have as a by-product

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For instance, bootleg jeans give off a sculpting appearance while flattening your tummy fat simultaneously.
I think for the most part you will be surprised by what does and what doesn't give off a reading, and for the most part energy levels are much lower or insignificant than you expect.
For one, using a headset (these give off significantly less radiation) or speaker phone keeps the phone itself away from your head.
When humans breathe, they give off carbon dioxide and that draws the midges to us.
These targets included pots of moist soil, little jars of dyed water that created colored lights, young tomato plants, and even a cup of perfume made from chemicals that tomato plants give off.
Segways are quick, and their electric motors give off no emissions.
Don't chipboard, melamine, fibreboard, and laminates give off poisonous toxins when burned?
YOU can see lots of these evergreen climbers with leathery leaves in garden centres, the buds of their star-shaped cream flowers about to burst open and give off a delicious scent that can be produced throughout spring and summer.
"Trees take in CO2, a greenhouse gas, and give off oxygen.
The compact containment area--not much larger than the part undergoing the process--means the procedure is very energy efficient, does not give off excess heat, and does not require the microwave reactor be kept running as is necessary with a heat-treating oven.
The lights give off no peripheral glow and provide a straight beam of light that focuses only on the task at hand.
According to the company, they are a healthy alternative to the usual paraffin variety, which may give off chemicals when lit.
It's important to note that Cobalt 60 does not give off particulate radiation (neutrons), which means it cannot make anything around it radioactive."
Researchers have long known that hypervelocity impacts give off bursts of heat and visible light.
At the moment, lights in Brendon Way give off an unattractive orange glow, because of the low- pressure sodium source.