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00 Interested parties or responsible authorities wishing to oppose the application must give notice in writing to: The Trading Standards & Licensing Manager, PO Box 232, 16 Church Road, Stockton on Tees, TS18 1XD by 30th March 2015.
That doesn't mean all our editors are pleased with AP or that we don't have issues with AP, but we don't plan at this point to give notice.
1) Give notice of withdrawing financial and housing support from new single mothers, with effect from 1/4/2007.
The changes enable tenants who remain at their premises without having renewed their lease, to give notice of just three months.
It's extremely sad to have to give notice to skilled co-workers, but the final JAS 39 Gripen will be delivered to the Swedish customer in 2007.
The new law requires firms with non-CPA owners give notice to clients that non-CPA owners may participate in providing or performing client services.
A CUDDLE from Johnny Murtagh helped Give Notice clinch the Prix du Cadran for Britain yesterday as the John Dunlop-trained stayer landed a controversial renewal of the
By utilizing these rule sets, attorneys can monitor their cases and keep track of all related deadlines, such as when to give notice of hearings and when to provide documents to opposing counsel prior to hearings.
He explained: 'We have a tight deadline under trade union law, and everyone knows we have a limited period to give notice to commence action, within 28 days.
Bride and groom will have to be resident in England or Wales for seven days before they can give notice of their intention to marry.
SAS, the Scandinavian airline, has reportedly suspected lately that staff at the luggage handling unit at the foreign terminal had been emptying passengers' bags, and when the 12 suspects were arrested by police SAS said that it would give notice to them.
The council struck from its original motion a directive that ordered the staff to give notice to terminate the franchises if no agreements are reached within six months.
Lease [paragraph] 28 can be made clearer, to broaden a landlord's ability to give notice.
To avoid annual exclusion challenges, the tax adviser should highlight the objective indicators of the client's benevolent intent: (1) the trustee should be required to give notice to beneficiaries of their withdrawal rights and (2) the trust agreement should allow a reasonable time period to make withdrawals.
The council believes it is important that large firms give notice beyond the current 16-week minimum.