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He and others then got into a car and drove off and when police arrived they were offered a lift by a taxi driver to give chase. They lost sight of the car which then came back and ripped a door off the taxi which was open.
He then ran back to his car to give chase again, but as the abductors were a long way down Norton Road, Duke returned to the hysterical mum who had called police.
John Newman, 56, who runs the family-owned salon, said he tried to give chase but could not keep up.
“By the time he was leaving out the side door with stolen property, officers were there to give chase.”
Any reader who has had a pet run out the door when it was not supposed to, leaving her standing in pajamas and bare feet, unable to give chase, can relate to this story.
It's a large black ball that as well as being a fire and smoke detector, uses either radar or infra-red to detect intruders and then summon emergency services, sound the alarm, take video pictures and give chase. Around 70cm in diameter and weighing some five kilos it moves at speeds of over 30km/h over almost any surface and outpaces any human travelling on foot.