give away

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  • verb

Synonyms for give away

make a gift of

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formally hand over to the bridegroom in marriage

give away information about somebody

References in classic literature ?
He will give the young men of the Pale-faces wives, but he cannot give away any who live in his own lodge.
Poverty certainly has not contracted her mind: I really believe, if she had only a shilling in the world, she would be very likely to give away sixpence of it; and nobody is afraid of her: that is a great charm.
They had evidently been building castles in the air, for Polly was saying in her most impressive manner, "Well, whatever you do, Will, don't have a great, costly church that takes so much money to build and support it that you have nothing to give away.
Last year, THL was able to give away 250 turkeys in the same location but, thanks to some generous friends including Schoen, Walton, Telken & Foster, Brook Hollow Financial, CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP, The Daniel and Henry Co, BTC Digital and GlissonLaw, THL is thrilled to announce that they were able to double the number of turkeys available!
He has regularly flown in cricket legends to give away this award.
The give away is open to readers from several countries from United States to India.
I'm just trying to be a blessing and a help to the gun owners and the hunters and give away a free AR-15,'' he told the Times Union of Albany.
Due to their generosity, VRG was able to give away 1,000 copies of this book to dietitians attending the American Dietetic Association meeting held in Anaheim, CA, in October 2004.
To officially kick off Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's Million Trees LA initiative, the city will give away trees at 16 locations from 10 a.
JAPAN coach Zico fears David Beckham will punish his players if they continue to give away free-kicks on the edge of the penalty area.
MCC will give away two rifles at each of its drawings, which will be held at 11 a.
Warren Buffet, an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist, pledged in 2006 to steadily give away 99% of all his wealth.
We know we can't give away penalties, especially playing against someone like Ronan, who will kick them all day.
We just can't give away as many penalties as we have been giving away.
As official media partner, we have a rake of tickets to give away right up until the show and will give away a pair a week