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to encircle with or as if with a band

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The Fort Dix project will generate approximately 240 kilowatts, and the Sea Girt project, approximately 238 kilowatts.
Lo to you an late in comin Septimus Grout what some as call Septic an betters Sep second drainer an ex-mariner Side Pass The Hark Set down here due to what I said before Girt bein a paper an me a thikkin an people bein what they are lust so Id as soon be on queer street as not Charlie Mange as never ate a fish in his life reckons at queer streets always been his address Charlie keeps the Sidepass once to gangin ont Tubes two fingers missin provin it Dug Pipers Heaven himself when he had a light for some girl till she to dousin him reckoned at she wasn for it
It's important to me to be able to show that the smartest girt in the school is a Black girl!
Meanwhile, he is pursuing his romance with a girt who aspires to play professional softball.
NOTORIOUS BIG may no longer be with us, but the rapper continues to live through his music - Nasty Girt remains unbeaten as this week's Official Download No.1.
Drag seeks and finds, arranges and confirms with sound, words, and images; its poetry, honed and directed, offers girt and funk the full weight of history.
500 millionth song sold: "Mississippi Girt" by Faith Hill
Girt - Mirjam Musafija-Girt and Boris Girt, Corvallis, a daughter.
This will include a performance by Charlie Chaplin lookalike David Girt on August 7 and a visit from musical maestro Chucklefoot a week later on August 14.
Lesbians got off easier only because they were barely represented--a hysterical short (D.E.B.S.), a Hollywood blockbuster (The Hours), and a cross-dressing pirate film (Girt King).
Alaska Airlines has indicated that it will be installing two centimetre-thick steel crossbar locking devices on its cockpit doors, while United Airlines will install three-foot-long steel reinforcing girt bars and locking hardware on its cockpit doors.
A gentle breeze played around the walls of The Lanes at Sea Girt, giving warm encouragement to the camaraderie and competition going on inside this local New Jersey bowling alley.
According to Rheaume, "Interior plantscapes are integral to the architecture, down to what species will be planted." At Meridian Quality Care's 110-unit assisted living residence adjacent a wetlands reserve in Sea Girt, N.J., plantscaping took center stage.
UK manager Keith Girt says that more than 80% of company security breaches are committed by employees or ex-employees, either maliciously or inadvertently.