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an account at a post office that can be used in similar ways to an account at a bank

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June Oldacre, who works for Caldecott Community Centre for abused children, has had a Giro account for two years.
In Austria 98% of people have a Giro account and all businesses, this means when you pay a bill the money is just transferred from one account to another and does not go out of the system, meaning the bank can invest long term to make interest.
They include the Giro account at the Post Office, the Halifax Card Cash account and Abbey National's Instant Plus.
The Giro account, now owned by the Alliance & Leicester, was launched 31 years ago by the then Labour Government.
Via the Giro account, Postbank offers a wide range of services in the field of payments, savings, loans, investments, insurance and mortages.
00 payment: Depot payment (refund of the contribution towards expenses with complete delivery), payable no later than October 2, 2015 with credit "AHB 4020 BAV 80511 Competition Schulanlage free warehouse" on the giro account 80-2000-1, Stadtkasse Zurich or Zurich Cantonal Bank, mailbox , CH-8010 ZE-rich, City Zurich, financial management, CH-8022 Zurich, Clearing No .
The Giro account also has a bonus - she can use any Post Office to pay bills or draw cash.
Proof of payment to the giro account of the Employer IBAN account HR4023600001501558874 open in Zagrebacka banka dd (Repayment period immediately after the completion of the procurement procedure, if unused).
EFTPOS transactions involving post offices and banks were cleared bilaterally between the Postal Giro and the individual banks through the adjustment of the banks' postal giro accounts.
Now I find that A&L Giro accounts DON'T qualify for shares when it becomes a plc.
Giro transfers between postal giro accounts were free of charge, and prices for cash payment or disbursement giros were very low (customers paid postal charges).