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being characteristic of a girl

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The youngest of the three, the 19-year-old Parungao impressed Froilan with her girlishness and innocence, the attributes of Giselle.
What might such girlishness have to do with our lives?
Of course, I chose these three books to discuss out of many possible titles, largely due to my own interest in the category of girlishness, the girly, and girlhood, and the ways in which these notions are problematized by Third Wave feminist poetics like the Gurlesque.
The power of the pink fleece -- the epitome of girlishness -- stands in stark juxtaposition to her bereavement.
I am definitely excited about itEoACA* I can't wait to meet my beautiful fans out there -- it's always a surreal experience for me," said Coleman, with a genuine girlishness about her impending visit to the UAE this weekend.
It really shows the Princess's sense of fun and girlishness.
Taught to value herself only by her reflection in a man's admiring eyes, many a woman spends her whole time in desperate scheming for attention, in frenzied resentment of people or ideas that "come between her and her family"; many a woman clings pathetically to girlishness well into her fifties.
Although readers have known about Hemingway's interest in Cross-dressing and gender play at least since the publication of the unfinished, edited novel, The Garden of Eden (1986), too many literary critics cite Hemingway's girlishness as pathological, as a failure or falling away from Papa Hemingway's swaggering machismo.
Even though parents might see them as more acceptable [than purely sexy clothes], I'm not sure they're perceived that differently," study researcher Sarah Murnen, a social psychologist at Kenyon College in Ohio, said of the clothes that mixed sexuality and girlishness.
This sort of hysterical behaviour, running to a dispensary for a vaccination, would have been scoffed at in the Edwardian era and may have got me shot for girlishness during the Blitz.
71) Reviewers noted her youthfulness and girlishness, characteristics that were also ascribed to Terry and to Helen Faucit, who was similarly reputed to epitomise femininity.
For all her protestations there is a hint of girlishness about Ann -who famously underwent a something of a makeover back in 2001 dying her raven hair blonde and turning heads in the maledominated corridors of power by seductively donning an alice band.
Given the combative nature of her art, it seems wrong-headed to the point of insult to think about O'Connor in terms of feminine wiles or girlishness.
She was a child bride when they were married in 1697 and she brought a welcome girlishness and sparkle to Versailles.
Anyone who ever saw her would retain the memory of her lovely, slender girlishness, her proud carriage, the level straightness of her glance, and a quality of combined childishness and maturity, of passion and of ice.