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a female assistant who has a range of duties

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FEST YOUR EYES Above L-R: The Big Short, Tommy's Honour, His Girl Friday and Iona are among films shown at Cromarty's 11th annual film festival.
This time, I was travelling by car and ferry and meeting people, which I didn't do in Girl Friday because there wasn't anyone there, and that is my passion in the world.
His Girl Friday is the 1940 classic battle-of-the-sexes, re-marriage-as-screwball comedy starring Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell and Ralph Bellamy involving a newspaper editor, his ex-wife star reporter, her new fiance (along with his mother), and an escaped criminal hiding out in a roll-top desk in the newspaper's bull-pen.
This eccentric sailor ran into all sorts of trouble as he tried to set sail with his Girl Friday in Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire.
Contemplate those rumors about Grant and Randolph Scott while watching perfect comedies like Holiday and His Girl Friday.
Joe Dowling, DIRECTOR: When you look at the way the press over recent weeks and months has been more complicitous with authority than it should have been, you realize that His Girl Friday really is a play for our times--it's all there, especially in John Guare's terrific adaptation.
Movies like It Happened One Night and His Girl Friday put forward sanitized scenarios of adultery and eventual remarriage that renegotiated both marriage and romance.
For his next exhibit, he holds up a pair of frame enlargements from Howard Hawks's His Girl Friday.
Mum Lucy, who spent a year on a paradise island 17 years ago as Gerald Kingsland's Girl Friday, last night claimed he had been unfairly treated.
But the Soldier Soldier star made sure he took along a gorgeous Girl Friday - wife Vanya - for a 10-day luxury break in Mauritius.
As is well known- Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur's 1928 play The Front Page was first made into a film by Lewis Milestone in 1931 and then by Howard Hawks as His Girl Friday in 1939.
Either parents or the Girl Friday can escort children to the Mini Club and Kiddies Center, where those ages two to 11 have supervised play.
The characters in The Thin Man babble on with such insouciance because they're drunk, a state that helps them pretend they don't live in a sordid, impoverished world; the characters in His Girl Friday talk fast because they're single-mindedly running after something that, if caught, will satisfy them only until tomorrow.
His Girl Friday, 1939) or the camaraderies and tensions that develop within male groups (e.