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Synonyms for gird

Synonyms for gird

to encircle with or as if with a band

to present with a quality, trait, or power

to prepare (oneself) for action

Synonyms for gird

prepare oneself for a military confrontation

put a girdle on or around

bind with something round or circular


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88 billion) towards deploying smart gird technology in 2010, the report said.
Testing of transformer is done in DIgSILENT program that is engineer software tool for analysis industrial, distributional and commercial electrical girds.
This donation girds the greenbelt city officials envision encircling the valley, along with Santa Clarita Woodlands Park, Towsley Canyon, Mentryville and the Angeles Forest.
Greenfield-Sanders's film largely steers clear of the abused-child/teenage-runaway narrative that girds much of the public perception of how these individuals entered into their particular line of work, but at least one female star attests (in a segment ultimately cut from the documentary for legal reasons) that she started in porn out of pure financial necessity, because she had to support her younger sister, having gained custody of her from their mother: "I knew my mother wasn't sober.
Just last year, the Wall Street Journal, in its May 19, 2003 issue, published a story headlined: "Having Defeated Inflation, Fed Girds for New Foe: Falling Prices.
One year later, as the Republican girds for his November 5 reelection bid against equally gay-supportive Democrat H.
This girds cells against substances or various types of energy, such as radiation, that scramble DNA.