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Synonyms for girdle

Synonyms for girdle

Synonyms for girdle

an encircling or ringlike structure

a band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers

a woman's close-fitting foundation garment

cut a girdle around so as to kill by interrupting the circulation of water and nutrients

put a girdle on or around

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While her team did take a slight liberty with modern stockings to prevent on-camera shine, bras and girdles needed specific shapes to achieve the proper silhouettes.
Riddell imports jerseys, pants and girdles to be worn with protective pads during football games, though none of that merchandise contains the protective pads during the importing process (Riddell, 2014).
Notes on Cerambycidae co-inhabiting girdles of Oncideres pustulata LeConte (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae).
1) In the present note I wish to draw attention to a leitmotif in the General Prologue that has hitherto been overlooked: the girdles, belts, and cords that bedeck some of the Canterbury pilgrims and are conspicuously absent from the costumes of others.
Notes on Cerambycidae coinhabiting girdles of Oncideres pustulata LeConte (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae).
Although Alba swears by the technique, claiming it helped her shed her post-pregnancy weight, doctors are in disagreement about whether girdles actually aid in weight loss.
The prevalence of Arma Christi devices such as the lance, the sponge, and the ladder prominently displayed in Takamiya 56 and in later English birth girdles may reflect a distinctively English appropriation of these images for protection during childbirth.
FLIRTY French knickers, girdles and garters - lingerie is taking a step back in time.
Longline bras, girdles and big pants all give the perfect base for the 1960s sexbomb look.
Quite right too: bunches of flowers and girdles are all very well but a Darth Vader mask and blue cape are just taking things too far.
Made of polyester, spandex and nylon, the girdles are designed to force men's bodies to look leaner under a slim-line suit, or even to help correct poor posture.
To make Roasted Shallot Girdles and Baby Beetroot Salad, you will need 2 banana shallots, 2 tbsp unsalted butter, 300g (11oz) girdles, 50ml (27fl oz) white wine vinegar, 50ml (2fl oz) sweet white wine, 2 tsp chopped parsley, salt and pepper, 2 bunches of baby beetroot, 300ml (11 floz) vegetable stock, 1 tsp sugar, half an onion, peeled and roughly diced, 1 garlic clove, peeled, 2 tbsp olive oil, 150g (5oz) salad leaves, such as baby beetroot leaves, baby chard and wild rocket, 1 tbsp aged balsamic vinegar.
30am and 9am ; ; ; ; Between iron girdles being thrown on top of each other to large trucks in reverse making that annoying and eternal beep beep beep beep sound to pneumatic drills to general loud noises.
CORUS Process Engineering has completed the manufacture and assembly of two 6m-diameter steel lifting girdles which will be used to remove the massive heat exchangers from the reactors at Calder Hall nuclear power plant.
The author says that today, more men than women wear girdles.