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a beam made usually of steel

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The lower flanges, depending on the analysis of the girder effort, should have a slightly greater thickness due to the:
all the three analysis has been simultaneously done to come across the torsion, bending moment and shear force of different bridge girder response to a variety of codes.
The court heard there was no witness to Mr Walker's death on June 24, 2012, and he was alone when he attempted to split two steel girders for cutting to size for a customer.
girder in a staging zone occupying eastbound lanes and shoulder, traffic from which was shifted north--affording three lanes of capacity in each direction through the early eastbound structure widening.
Test results (Baskar, Shanmugam 2003; Shanmugam, Baskar 2003) have shown that width of the tension field increases due to composite action between steel girder and concrete slab, and the final sway mechanism in the steel part of the composite girders is similar to the mechanism proposed for steel plate girders subjected to shear loading.
The other girder twisted and fell, knocking the 250Kg beam free from the crane and to the ground, where it struck Mr Joyce, fatally injuring him.
Effect of Girder Age at Continuity on Restraint Moment: In this section the effect of girder ages at continuity on restraint moments is investigated.
This paper proposes a simple technique for the determination of interface slip in a SCC girder by using relative longitudinal displacement of the concrete slab and steel beam at the interface measured with mechanical dial gauges.
The robustness and efficiency of the Super Girder shape combined with the availability of high strength concrete made meeting this challenge possible.
Therefore, the problem of cracking and long-term deflection in larger-span prestressed concrete box girder bridges exists throughout the world and has restricted the development of long-span concrete bridges to some extent.
Gareth Dodds was left with devastating injuries when he was struck by a 20-metre metal girder which had been moved by a hydraulic excavator in 2008.
This investigation analyzes experimental data gathered from the four-point flexural testing of six full-scale pre-stressed girder specimens.
14 -- Sun Cranes & Hoists deals in manufacturing and exporting a range of double girder EOT cranes, specially in Heavy Engineering, Fields, Materials Lifting Equipment such as EOT Cranes, Goliath Cranes, HOT Cranes, Electrical Hoists.
The project's general contractor, KIEWIT/CLYDE, provided a design incorporating high-strength concrete and large amounts of pre-stressing to construct a girder of unusually long length.
FHWA completed an experimental investigation focused on the structural behavior of a newly developed highway bridge girder cross section, the pi-girder.