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an ornate candle holder

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Among the highlights this year is an extremely rare--possibly even unique--set of four George I japanned girandoles attributed to the Clerkenwell cabinetmaker, Giles Grendey (1693-1780; Fig.
Alice's great-grandmother's bronze and crystal girandoles were placed on either side of the cake.
It is lighted up upon the English plan, with lamps at the bottom of the stage, and girandoles at proper distances, with wax candles covered with glass shades, as in the verandahs, to prevent their extinction; the windows being Venetian blinds, and the free circulation of air delightfully promoted by their situation.
Huge pier glasses - long slim mirrors intended to hang on the wall between two tall windows and often echoing their shape - date from this period, many with girandoles for candles.
The use of plate mirror glass first made its appearance in the late 17th Century in wall mirrors and girandoles (ornate candle sconces with mirror backs).