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Synonyms for gingerly

Synonyms for gingerly

trying attentively to avoid danger, risk, or error

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with extreme care or delicacy

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lone cyclist gingerly made Families were also seen braving the wintry conditions to take part in a much anticipated snowball fight.
The country hasmillions of barrels cooped up in storage awaiting shipment, butto preventa freefall of prices, Libya will only let out the oil gingerly.
After the animal was tranquilized by a DEP biologist, it was brought down and local firefighters gingerly cut the jar off its head.
Heather Watson, making her way back gingerly after a bout of glandular fever, slid out of the French Open on Wednesday in losing her opening round match against Stefanie Voegele.
Employees rushed to the scene, and-upon discovering that the pilot was a woman-had her very gingerly and gallantly" removed from the grounds.
A FIREFIGHTER abseils gingerly from a broken down rollercoaster with a child as other thrill-seekers wait to be rescued after being stranded for up to eight hours.
The author's own struggles with cancer led her to a better diet plan, and her recipes and those of friends are different and diverse, offering such dishes as Jacob's Creamy Cattle Beans (blending beans and apples), Sweet & Sour Kidney Bean Soup, Gingerly Chickpeas, and much more.
They picked gingerly through the ruins, poking heat-seeking cameras into gaps between piles of bricks and sending sniffer dogs over concrete slabs.
Opik - who was unable to see what was in the box - grimaced as he gingerly put his hand inside, then flinched as the snake grabbed him.
Iran is something that must be approached gingerly.
What elevated the C sea from satisfactory to incredible was extreme speed, Bass would hit it pretty often as it sat there with occasional twitching, per the suggested technique, but always gingerly and hookups ran about one in eight.
I managed to gingerly ascend the steps, crab fashion.
After a brief pause the alerted buck gingerly took two cautious steps.
EVEN when Gordon Brown gingerly placed his hand on that shiny black door, it was as though he half-expected it to stay shut.
The Post's Dana Priest, who broke the CIA prison story, gingerly suggests that the White House would like to "intimidate the major media into just leaving this area (of investigative journalism).