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ginger-flavored carbonated drink

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"How about hot buttered toast with marmalade on top, followed by scrummy cake, then lashings of ginger pop?"
In 1964 the show was censored by the Temperance Union for a ginger pop recipe they called 'a dangerously alcoholic brew.' 1941: Hannah Gordon, 63, Scottish actress, famous for her role in Upstairs Downstairs.
And linguist Mavis Gillot, aged 75, of Welton, near Daventry, who today collects the Angela Brazil novels which could have been modelled on their three years of boarding school life, said: "When I invited the others round for tea there was really only one thing to serve...iced buns and ginger pop."
And the ginger pop star may become the inspiration for a new wave of young Romeos, after Zayn recently admitted he learnt a lot about wooing women from watching the movies as a kid.
It's all very reminiscent of the Famous Five - I have a sudden hankering for a bottle of ginger pop and a loyal dog called Timmy.
There you can take a tour from the village's Ginger Pop Shop or tackle coastal paths past subterranean tunnels to Kimmeridge Bay, inspiration for Five Fall Into Adventure.
But as my special break included ready made free activities like the 'Ginger Pop' tour through Enid Blyton country, I dusted off a few of my old Famous Five annuals to rekindle the special magic those stories held for us in the 1950s, when children could set off into the wood from dawn til dusk having innocent adventures.
"The beer bottle dates to about 1900 and the stone ginger pop bottle (which is pictured, left) is from around the same time.
After 22 years Ginger Pop is retiring, the pony has been a favourite with children at which Riding for the Disabled centre?
Stock up on lashings of ginger beer at the Ginger Pop Shop (hurrah!), explore the ruins and hop on the Swanage railway to discover the six miles of dramatic coastline on the Isle of Purbeck between Swanage and Norden.
So it was a natural career move when the ginger pop star purchased a Sicilian vineyard and began fermenting his first vintage: a cheeky little number called The Singer.
"I will visit the Unicorn Centre with a bag of carrots for Noah, Angus, Murphy 1, Murphy 2, Tom, Duke, Fred, Grenadier, Syd, Magic, Alby, Alfie, Charlie, Ginger Pop, Spider, Spike, Lady, Louie, Patrick, Bob and Paddy."
We'd put hot tin sheets from the bottom of the oven into the beds or a stone ginger pop bottle filled with hot water.