gin rummy

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a form of rummy in which a player can go out if the cards remaining in their hand total less than 10 points

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We took some short walks, but we had taken cards to play and enjoyed Gin Rummy and Pontoon before our evening meal.
A Novak Djokovic B Tomas Berdych C Roger Federer D David Ferrer QUESTION 13 - for 13 points: In the card game gin rummy, how many cards are dealt to each player?
Riggs then got me involved in other games, including gin rummy and poker.
The boss sacked him for coming to work dressed as a playing card during National Gin Rummy Day.
Sanchez liked to garden, do crossword puzzles, and play gin rummy every night with friends, according to Guinness .
IMAGINE a group of passengers playing gin rummy on the Titanic, as it is about to meet its fate.
The gamblers are all middle-aged couples playing gin rummy in a room that resembles the community hall in a Catskill bungalow colony.
"He probably could use the money because he sure as heck lost enough of it to me playing gin rummy."
Some 42 women aged between 60 and 98 had received a summons to appear in court this month after police nabbed them playing a local version of gin rummy at a private residence in 2009.
Wednesday I play gin rummy with the guy," Hefner said.
Nini Ok's second run brought a third placing behind a useful-looking Wachman-trained debutant at Cork, and the form was franked when fourth-placed Gin Rummy made all at Down Royal six days later, beating one of today's rivals in Blue Mimosa.
Ger Lyons notched up another winner as Gin Rummy picked up the two-year-old maiden under Keagan Latham.
He remembers students playing hearts and gin rummy between classes, and the conversion of the hospital's operating room into a chemistry lab.
Bond foils Goldfinger's cheating at gin rummy by distracting his employee, Jill Masterson (Eaton).