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gin and quinine water

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For the record: The gin and tonic at Herbie's was the cheapest he's encountered to date: $2.
Britons necked 40 million bottles last year - enough for more than a billion gin and tonics - in a spree that outstripped sales growth in beer and sparkling wine.
PC Claire McNaney of Durham Police came under fire after she shared a picture of the supermarkets's gin and tonic crisps and showed her disapproval by claiming they give out the wrong message and Aldi was "totally irresponsible".
Gin and tonic is the popular way to enjoy gin, but Gin Monkey says a great alternative is a Tom Collins, a mix of lemon juice, sugar syrup, gin and soda water.
The Giffnock goddess enjoys the odd G&T so what better than a gin and tonic jelly, a very adult approach to the stuff of childhood.
Next is the classic Hendrick's Gin and tonic with slices of cucumber - a drink The Feathers hope will become 'the new Pimms and lemonade' for guests.
You can't beat a nice, cold gin and tonic on a hot summer day.
Famous as Bertie Wooster's favourite tipple, gin and tonic is a very British affair.
Bush an injustice when we suggested (see "Who's Who," April 2000) that he was attracted to the Gin and Tonic society at Yale because of his proclivity for partying.
Gin and tonic was first drunk in India in the 1850s.
Aldi recently launched gin and tonic and prosecco and peach Bellini popsicles, which have sold well.
It's a new take on traditional gin and tonic," says Langley's Nik Koster.
I'M using less and less tonic in my gin and tonic these days.
ONE of Coventry's oldest residents is set to celebrate her 106th Birthday on Easter Sunday with a gin and tonic and the company of her family.
The nearly 200-unit Bonefish Grill is currently testing a Gin and Tonic made with Hendrick's gin and a bartender-made tonic syrup using cucumber and ginger.