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Synonyms for gimpy

disabled in the feet or legs

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I have a trucker's gut-buster, gimpy, malevolent, meaty malignancy" - Restaurant critic AA Gill.
"I have a trucker's gutbuster, gimpy, malevolent, meaty malignancy."
He's got a bad ankle and he's been a little gimpy so it was really neat to see him out in the open field."
"When I asked how many embryos I got from 7 eggs, they said three, all gimpy. This conversation occurs during the medical preparation for the embryo transfer, on the surgical table..." "If you ask for information, you will be verbally insulted"!
She's gimpy with arthritis, and spends most of her days sleeping, but when she's up and about she's as happy and enthusiastic as she ever was.
Go with the hand controls if you're still bothered by that old high school knee injury, or do the opposite if you have a gimpy wrist.
However, following her role as Venom in Felicia Day's cult web series The Guild, Sherer leveraged her contacts to create a disability-specific series--My Gimpy Life--loosely based on her own life and the 'fun' situations she encounters as she attempts to break into Hollywood.
But he is, looming large as a shrimpy, gimpy psycho with oversize plans and the cunning to execute them.
Sherer co-created and starred in her own web series, My Gimpy Life on YouTube.
In last year's Olympics, Rahimi finished eighth and Yazdany fifth and limped off the mat with a gimpy knee.
Papa stayed inside because of his gimpy leg and talked to Uncle George, hearing story after story of Pele, of how Uncle George ended up living at the edge of Kilauea Caldera, a long way from his own far away islands of Greece.
My gait without a cane is still pretty gimpy. So the surgeon sends me to the hospital where the surgery took place for continued therapy.
In one stand-out sequence, Oscar becomes "Mister Merde," a gimpy, grotesque, cemetery-lurking, satyr-like leprechaun with an eye of creamy vile jelly.
Dressed in full tribal regalia, complete with tagilmoust and turban, speaking Tomahag, and wielding a brand new handmade racket, Ali plays his first matches against "a local teaching pro, a gimpy Pole, and a promising fifteen-year old Polynesian down with dysentery" (158).