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Synonyms for gimpy

disabled in the feet or legs

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to film, works to educate people not just through My Gimpy Life, but as a member of the disability committee for the Screen Actor's Guild.
Impressively, Season 2 of My Gimpy Life reached its Kickstarter goal of US$55,000 in under a month (Sherer, 2013).
I dunno; maybe they could sense something different in our gimpy movements, stiff with old wounds.
It was pulled by a gimpy donkey accompanied by Lan's wife, a woman with bound feet.
Gregory House, with his gimpy leg and pill addiction, fits in with the network's image.
Still, the gimpy, far-from-real fiberglass prototype is pivotal for the company.
A year into the odd couple's union, fate comes knocking at the door (to the opening bars of Beethoven's Fifth) in the form of Melody's Bible-spouting mother Marietta (Patricia Clarkson, in typically high-drama mode), who greets the sight of her daughter's irascible, elderly, gimpy hubby by falling out of frame in a dead faint.
America has long been proud of its own Eighth Air Force, but little has been heard from the Brits who flew the creaking Wellingtons, the gimpy Halifaxes and finally the superb Lancasters through the night skies of Europe.
Adapted from a 1965 novel by James Leo Herlihy, Midnight Cowboy is a story about the relationship between a dim-witted hustler named Joe Buck (Voight) and Ratso, a gimpy con man played by Dustin Hoffman, set in a rampantly depraved New York City.
No gimpy ground-bouncing backside flips for Arizona's Brandon Steed.
The guy who invented the game that made Michael Jordan more recognizable than the Pope, the guy who thought up a game that 300 million people a year would play (one more if you count a certain 46-year-old who's been having recent dreams about lost youth and whose gimpy ankle seems to have experienced a Lourdes-like healing), the guy who dreamed up a game that America loves is a good old-fashioned American, right?
Whereas knee braces used to be worn by players who were protecting a previous injury (envision Joe Namath and his gimpy, surgically repaired knees hobbling in archaic, bulky braces), today's athletes are wearing modern, streamlined-versions as a preventative measure.
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Back in September, the 190 pounds upon my sagging once five-foot ten-inch frame, my third chin, my size-17 collar, and my 38-inch waistline were all starting to adversely affect my gimpy left knee.