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Synonyms for gimp

disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet

walk impeded by some physical limitation or injury

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Special Note - If you are on Linux, close your eyes and get GIMP.
Late Night Gimp Fight" at the Hut delivered some cringing humor but moments of pure hilarity in a show that reveled in bondage and wrestling gags and was littered with references to popular films.
Chanelling gimp mask chic, the singer unveiled her latest crazy look at a press conference in Malta.
In addition to the standard LAMP stack, the click2try Web Developer Workstation includes GIMP, Bluefish, Synfig Studio, Scribus, Piwik, phpMyAdmin, XML Copy Editor, and Joomla
GIMP is a simple image editor that does many of the basic tasks that Photoshop does while having the dual advantages of being free and cross-platform.
Despite the icing, the CO insisted that Gimp fly, although Gimp wisely declined.
Throw in a free photo-editing program like the GIMP (http://gimp.
To sort out the potentially undesirable asymmetries of the Lerner index and the exploitation measures, this paper proposes a Generalized Index of Market Power GIMP, which is symmetrical and bounded between zero and one, regardless of whether the market power comes from the supply or the demand side.
99) covers all the basics pairing its quick start guide to a complete SUSE, Linux Distribution copy on DVD which includes Foxfire, the GIMP graphics editing tool, and more.
But Scroggins wasn't laid up in bed nursing her gimp shoulder.
From stalking graffiti-writing children in bushes wearing nothing but a leotard and gimp mask, to pushing pensioners into bushes and abusing a guide dog in the supermarket, Brimson seemingly left no PC stone unturned.
The textbook for this Contemporary Digital Imaging 101 is GIMP 2 for Photographers by Klaus Goelker, published by Rocky Nook, Inc.
Heck somehow tweaks the inside of his ankle while his foot is still on the board, requiring him to gimp around with a cane for the remainder of the trip.
Drawing from the American feminist tradition, most prominently from Betty Friedan's The Feminist Mystique, Irvin outlines what she calls 'the gimp mystique.
I certainly did when I was held in my chair and gimp mask was produced.