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Synonyms for gimmick

Synonyms for gimmick

a clever, unexpected new trick or method

Synonyms for gimmick

a drawback or difficulty that is not readily evident


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COCA-COLA: This is a fine example of using nostalgia as a gimmick.
Strawberries and cream are tasty but still feel like one of the biggest gimmicks around, right up there with 3D, cereal bars and bottled water.
You don't run an economy on gimmicks based on outdated dogma as has happened in France to their cost.
IMPRESSIVE: Lauren Pope and Melvin Odoom at Envi Photo: DAVE THE PAP pan gimmick, she actually
TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said: "The Chancellor's shares for rights gimmick may have cheered delegates at the Conservative Party conference but it could end up costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds.
They are not just a gimmick or an unsustainable or knee-jerk promotion.
The car, despite fine exterior styling, strays dangerously close to gimmick with its cheesily named moods.
Death in Paradise Tuesday, BBC1, 9pm Every good TV cop needs a gimmick, and DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) is no exception - he's terminally ungrateful.
He added: "What the people of Birmingham want is good governance by their elected councillors/ "They do not need a gimmick which will eliminate still further the role of the elected councillor, as is the case with the London Assembly.
If there's an inference from Asda that it's a gimmick, that's certainly not true," he said.
Jim Donnelly, headteacher at Litherland High and Sefton convener for the Association of School and College Leaders said: "I cannot see how giving 15 books from a pre-selected list is anything other than a pointless gimmick.
Isabella Sankey, director of policy for Liberty, said: "This new gimmick gives gimmicks a bad name.
PM Gordon Brown to give away tax credits to the low paid is an election gimmick.
Do I go for the throat and ask if you think it's necessary to have a gimmick, or do I just politely leave it alone?