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Synonyms for gimmick

Synonyms for gimmick

a clever, unexpected new trick or method

Synonyms for gimmick

a drawback or difficulty that is not readily evident


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People understand what is election gimmick and what is true devotion.
The ADAM, for all of its gimmicks, looks great from the outside and could be the perfect car for congested New York streets.
Asda, which has historically been the cheapest supermarket fuel operator but doesn't offer in-store money-off deals, responded dismissively that it would "leave the tricks, gimmicks and lock-ins to others and keep delivering the lowest fuel prices".
Jim Donnelly, headteacher at Litherland High and Sefton convener for the Association of School and College Leaders said: "I cannot see how giving 15 books from a pre-selected list is anything other than a pointless gimmick.
Isabella Sankey, director of policy for Liberty, said: "This new gimmick gives gimmicks a bad name.
The Los Angeles Times and Paramount Pictures also face legal action after a dud of a marketing gimmick in May for ``Mission: Impossible III'' caused several members of the public to think bombs had been placed inside newspaper boxes.
Do I go for the throat and ask if you think it's necessary to have a gimmick, or do I just politely leave it alone?
Hoby Gilman (Robert Culp) had a real gimmick, he carried a Smith & Wesson New Model No.
Contest Rules: Send completed diagram with name and address to "No Gimmick," Harper's Magazine, 666 Broadway, New York, N.
This is a real gimmick being pushed by business interests so that employers can force people to work overtime," said Charles Idelson, spokesperson for Oakland, Calif.
If an entire economy was propelled into the stratosphere by a marketing gimmick, a misconception or a dumb mistake, we sure could use another marketing gimmick, misconception or dumb mistake.
Sometimes he came up with the gimmick before the movie," says Castle, adding that she and her childhood friends often served as gimmick guinea pigs.
When the Mefisto Theater Company-a young troupe with an earnest mission to "explore dangerous, controversial and inventive material"-discovered the script online, they decided to out-gimmick the gimmick.
When we see an unfamiliar or gimmick defensive coverage scheme, the first thing I do is set trips into the boundary (short side of the field) and see what the defense is willing to do.