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2, the term [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] ("gum") featuring twice should be read [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], since the gimel has a dash above it.
After some protests by Israeli travel agents, the regulation was dropped, so now cousins from the west side can learn about the marvels of Petra or Jerash and not lose a gimel or daleth.
See Margaliot Hayam, Sanhedrin 74b (7)-(27), who explicitly adopts this formulation of the relationship between obligation and counting in a quorum, as does Responsa Divrei Yissakhar 2 and Sdai Hemed, ma'arakhet gimel #67.
I could go on for another thousand words about the plot complications; the inside jokes; the circlings of the raven (and the Gypsy Moth) over Lake Memphremagog, as the novel closes like a fan; the McGibbon Artifact, "the only Eskimo carving of what was clearly meant to represent a kangaroo"; Meyer Lansky and the deadly Gimel.
2) Grupo de Investigacion GIMEL, Departamento de Ingenieria Electrica, Facultad de Ingenieria, Universidad de Antioquia, Calle 67 No.
The world of The Hilltop is a fictitious yet life-like illegal settlement (10): Ma'ala Hermesh Gimel.
However, in the original article it was stated: "Interchanges of qof and gimel are less common in Jewish Babylonian Aramaic, though not unknown, particularly in loan-words.
A Duke improv troupe later filmed a sketch, titled "Jon Scheyer in 75 Seconds," that features him riding a bicycle into the campus Hillel, emerging in a tallit and a flowing beard, and spinning a dreidel that lands on a gimel.
For example, the book states, the figures of David and Goliath form the shape of the letter gimel, which symbolizes g'vurah, or strength, in the mystical Kabbalah tradition.
Petro Glaser Prediger zu Dreszden gestellet: Und jtzund wiederumb auffs Newe ubersehen und in Druck vorfertiget (Dresden: Gimel Bergen, 1598), 7v-8r, WF M: Th 1000.
Grupo de Investigacion en Manejo Eficiente de la Energia Electrica, GIMEL.
The four sides of dreidels made in this country bear the Hebrew letters nun, gimel, he, and shin, which correspond to the acronym for ``a great miracle happened there.
Elijah Mani, Zikhronot Eliyahu (Jerusalem, 1936), Yoreh Deah, ma'arekhet gimel, no.
He wore a hoodie, which partially covered a neck tattoo of the Hebrew letters aleph bet gimel, which he claimed was an acronym for "everybody's equal.
This is due either to a printing error in the edition or to the fact that the numerals presented in that print have very peculiar, non-standard forms: 4 is represented as a sort of trident, identical to the Epigraphic South Arabian h, while number 3 is a simple angle, similar to gimel in Hebrew manuscripts.