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Rakesh Wahi said: "The GIMEL team showed character, resolve and resilience of the highest order.
1457, Actuarial Values, Book Aleph, 1458, Actuarial Values, Book Beth and 1459, Actuarial Values, Book Gimel, it is generally simpler to use a commercial software package for the calculations.
30,5: aleph interpretatur 'doctrina', beth 'domus', gimel 'plenitudo', daleth 'tabularum', he 'ista', uau 'et', zai 'haec', heth 'uita', teth 'bonum', iod 'principium', caph 'manus', lamed 'disciplinae' siue 'cordis', mem 'ex ipsis', nun 'sempiternum', samech 'adiutorium', ain 'fons' siue 'oculus', phe 'os' [...] sade 'iustitiae", coph 'uocatio', res 'capitis', sen 'dentium', tau 'signa'.
The Tallis Scholars are no strangers to eccentric decisions in the matter of tempo (one remembers the Agnus III of Josquin's Mass L'homme arme sexti toni, Gimel CDGIM 019); but, having listened to this recording many times, I am still unable to grasp the motivation for such a slow performance.
Indeed, I am altogether unhappy about deducing much from Tudor scoring, partly because of the difficulty of establishing the norm (it seems to have become six parts during the 1520s given that Fayrfax never uses six while Ludford and Taverner both do), partly because the use of gimel makes it difficult to establish how many voices a piece is really in (an interesting case is Taverner's Mass O Michael, which is in six parts except for the final passage of the Agnus Dei, where a gimel produces seven real voices), and partly because of the English liking for rich vocal sound, which could have provided just as good a reason for a larger choral force as any symbolic reason.
After some protests by Israeli travel agents, the regulation was dropped, so now cousins from the west side can learn about the marvels of Petra or Jerash and not lose a gimel or daleth.
(7.)See Margaliot Hayam, Sanhedrin 74b (7)-(27), who explicitly adopts this formulation of the relationship between obligation and counting in a quorum, as does Responsa Divrei Yissakhar 2 and Sdai Hemed, ma'arakhet gimel #67.
At first blush, a resume highlighting work with Jay Z, Common and Alicia Keys making its way to the top of the pile may seem like an odd move for an ad agency, but that's exactly where Gimel "Young Guru" Keaton's CV landed.
The world of The Hilltop is a fictitious yet life-like illegal settlement (10): Ma'ala Hermesh Gimel. (11) Over the course of one year the novel traces the lives of the settlers from the time the order to dismantle the settlement is received to the day the order is carried out.
6, the term [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] should be corrected to read [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] since the gimel has a diacriti cal point.
A Duke improv troupe later filmed a sketch, titled "Jon Scheyer in 75 Seconds," that features him riding a bicycle into the campus Hillel, emerging in a tallit and a flowing beard, and spinning a dreidel that lands on a gimel. (The clip has been viewed more than 160,000 times on YouTube.)
For example, the book states, the figures of David and Goliath form the shape of the letter gimel, which symbolizes g'vurah, or strength, in the mystical Kabbalah tradition.
Petro Glaser Prediger zu Dreszden gestellet: Und jtzund wiederumb auffs Newe ubersehen und in Druck vorfertiget (Dresden: Gimel Bergen, 1598), 7v-8r, WF M: Th 1000.