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an appliance that allows an object (such as a ship's compass) to remain horizontal even as its support tips

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* Optional square gimbals housing kit and round single housing accessories available.
Photographers achieve their wildest dreams with these flagship gimbals. Thanks to the automatic output of the ultra-high torque motor and high-performance chip, combined with the intelligent anti-shake technology, AK 2000 and 4000 work well in extreme environments.
While gimbals have the ability to make it seem like the camera is floating by keeping it level on all axes regardless of the motion around it, Hypersmooth uses electronic stabilization to correct camera shakes without eliminating any natural movement.
The radar seeker servo device consists of a gyro assembly, DC torque motor, angular position sensor, radar signal processing system, and yaw and pitch gimbals [26].
As shown in the figure, the ISP consists of three gimbals, which are azimuth gimbal (A-gimbal), pitch gimbal (P-gimbal), and roll gimbal (R-gimbal) from the outside to the inside.
Dynamic tracking shots using gimbals and drones, ultra-high resolution and never-before-seen night-time photography make Planet Earth II the BBC's most cinematic wildlife film series to date.
But until recently, the gimbals for small drones have had limited functionality, Bowman said.
Friction arises from surface interactions between and within the rotating bearings of the gimbals, environmental and electromagnetic interference seals, and brush contact in brush-type motors.
Hughes added: "Operators who use gimbals regularly know that anything which can keep weight down and also provide both camera and ancillary power is a huge benefit.
With a less expensive helicopter requirement, this gimbals light weight will introduce the very highest end imaging capability to medium and lower budget film/tv productions and provide a cost effective solution for helicopter news broadcasting into TV markets that previously could never have afforded it.
Perfect for this application, Bly Outriggers, based in New Jersey, offers lightweight, carbon fiber outriggers with reinforced, locking gimbals for mounting in a rodholder.
Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) has announced AMG-GR gear-driven motorized gimbals. Features include:
The MEMS gyroscopes, an alternative to the conventional rate gyroscope based on a high speed rotor supported in gimbals, can be used to measure the spacecraft angular rate with respect to an inertial reference frame [1, 2].