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Synonyms for gilt

a coating of gold or of something that looks like gold


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having the deep slightly brownish color of gold

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Virgin America, a US-based low cost airline company, has announced an alliance with Gilt City, a US-based online company for luxury services.
Charlie Oakshott, manager of Whistbury Manor Stud, which bred Gilt Edge Girl and whose director Chris Harper is the filly's joint-owner, said: "She is a phenomenal sprinter and about as good as we have ever bred.
The order book opened earlier Tuesday at initial guidance of unchanged at flat to +2 basis points versus the 2037 IL Gilt issue.
A GARDEN with a dining area with wi-fi access won a Silver Gilt award.
"The reduced issuance of government securities (gilts) relative to previous expectations, combined with slower economic growth, are both likely to reduce the yields available on gilts and so increase the value placed on final salary scheme liabilities.
Aon calculated that a 0.5 per cent fall in gilt yields over the coming year would cause defined benefit pension scheme deficits to soar to pounds 143 billion.
The total return of 18% on UK equities paled beside a return of 80% on 10-year gilts.
"The next year a Saddleback gilt was waiting at the show for Emyr to collect."
In the opinion of Jarczyk (1991) and Holl and Robison (2003), increasing litter size by direct selection leads to disclosure of the negative maternal impact between the size of the litter from which the gilt comes and the size of the litters to which she gives birth.
7 June 2018 - US-based e-commerce destination Rue La La has entered into an agreement to acquire member-based digital shopping business Gilt from Canadian retailer Hudson's Bay Company, the firm said.
NEW YORK Flash sale site Rue La La said Monday it will buy rival Gilt from department store chain Hudson's Bay as it seeks to fortify its presence in the world of online discount luxury.<br />Hudson's Bay, which operates Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor among other chains, bought Gilt for $250 million in 2016 and created Gilt shops inside its discount chain Saks Off Fifth.
announced today that ICE Gilt futures achieved a record daily volume of 1.4 million contracts, an increase of 30% on the previous volume record of 1.1 million contracts set in August 2014.
Gross gilt sales undertaken by the Debt Management Office currently run at around 130 billion [pounds sterling] a year, while the total of gilts in the APF is 435 billion [pounds sterling], and there are an additional 10 billion [pounds sterling] of corporate bonds.
TABLE I EFFECT OF REARING SYSTEM AND GENDER ON LIVE WEIGHT, DAILY GAIN AND CARCASS YIELD OF CASTRATE MALE AND FEMALE CREOLE BEC PIGS Confinement Semi-Confinement Barrow Gilt Barrow Gilt Initial weight (kg) 23.8 23.9 23.6 23.5 Final weight (kg) 52.0 (a) 51.7 (a) 43.7 (b) 43.2 (b) Carcass yield (%) 73.6 (b) 73.7 (b) 74.7 (a) 74.3 (b) Average Daily Gain (kg/day) 0.31 (a) 0.30 (a) 0.23 (b) 0.22 (b) Significance RMSE SYS GEND S x GE Initial weight (kg) 0.33 ns ns ns Final weight (kg) 0.72 *** ns ns Carcass yield (%) 0.25 ** ns ns Average Daily Gain (kg/day) 0.06 *** * ns RMSE =root mean square error; SYS = rearing system; GEND = gender; ADG = average daily gain; ns = no significant; * = P< 0.05; ** = P <0.01; *** = P < 0.001.