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any of several Old World plants cultivated for their brightly colored flowers

Eurasian plant with pink to purple-red spice-scented usually double flowers

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Le viole sono dei fanciulli scalzi The Gillyflowers are barefoot kids Sono fresche le foglie dei mandorli Fresh are the leaves of the almond i muri piovono acqua sorgiva trees si scelgono la comoda riva the walls rain down spring-water gli asini che trottano leggeri.
While Kirsten is working on her While Kirsten is working on her debut album, for the past few years debut album, for the past few years she has sung with other bands she has sung with other bands including folk band The Gillyflowers. including folk band The Gillyflowers.
These pinks, these roses, and these violets, These blushing gillyflowers, these marigolds, The fair embroidery of his coronet, Carry not half such beauty in their cheeks As the sweet countenance of my Lacy doth.
"I do not want your hazelnuts, or your gillyflowers. The promises you made turned out to be empty ..." This song is a beautiful contrast to the fiery rhythms of the song just discussed.
With "eyes of gentianellas azure," "nose of gillyflowers and box; / Scented grasses" for hair, "purple violets for the mouth," this martial hero bears arms similarly formed of blossoms: "a breastplate made of daisies," "periwinkles interlaced / Drawn for belt about the waist," a "brazen helm of daffodillies," and "a sword of flashing lilies / Holden ready for the fight" (ll.
Conserves made from flowers such as violets were very popular: as Gerard described in his Herball of 1597, the conserve made from clove gillyflowers (pinks) and sugar 'wonderfully above measure doth comfort the heart'.
Vallayer-Coster sets June flowers - roses, hollyhocks and gillyflowers against a background of light grey or palest of browns.
Old favourites such as gillyflowers (stocks), hyacinths and jasmine have for years been grown mainly for their heady aromas and together in a border will also provide masses of colour.