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Synonyms for gillyflower

any of several Old World plants cultivated for their brightly colored flowers

Eurasian plant with pink to purple-red spice-scented usually double flowers

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Teapot and cover painted in the Gillyflower pattern and inscribed "Sar'h Mitton".
In the last two years, ANVISA was struggling to ban all types of additives that added flavours to cigarettes, such as chocolate, menthol, gillyflower, just to name a few.
Along with the trivial change from Arber's "Gillyflower" to "Gelliflower" and the provision of the first names of Crouch, Roper, and Grafton, the last name of the third seller indicates one of William Hensman's two variant spelling of his name.
CUTLINE: (1) Heirloom apples found at Old Sturbridge Village, from left, Baldwin, Baldwin, Roxbury Russet, Golden Russet, Mother, Black Gillyflower, Westfield Seek-No-Further and Mother apples.
Popular in Victorian flower beds, many have colloquial names, like gillyflower, pronounced jilliver.
(27.) Most of the remedies the mountebanks offered were herbal, including marsh mallow, balsam, gillyflower, and blueberries.
The Gillikin region, where the dominant color is purple, may have been named after the purple blossoms of the gillyflower, a plant that flourishes in upper New York where Baum spent his boyhood.
Fragrant pots of aster, geranium, violet, and gillyflower stood ranged along the sills.
The three civic rhetorical chambers (theatrical societies), the Goudbloem (Marigold), the Olyftack (Olive Branch), and the Violieren (Gillyflower), were responsible for the decoration, iconography, and staging of the three tableaux vivants at the beginning of the processional route.