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one of a series of slit openings in the pharynxes of fishes and aquatic amphibians through which water passes

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The intermediate degree of gill slit deflection in the hybrid cephalochordates would be particularly interesting to study because of existing background information on pharyngeal patterning in Branchiostoma species (Holland and Holland, 1996; Escriva et al, 2002; Schubert et al.
Etmopterus joungi has relatively evenly-sized gill slit heights, whereas the gills of the type specimens of E.
At about the same time, the gut also establishes two other openings to the exterior--the first gill slit (Fig.
Eventually a gill skeleton develops around the perimeter of the gill cleft, elongating it into a dorsoventrally elongated gill slit (data not shown).
Color pattern dominated by eight large dark brown saddle blotches, first on occiput, constricted medially, leading obliquely to blotch below eye; second above pectoral fins, followed anteroventrally by two dark blotches, lower over gill slits, followed by two blotches on dorsal surface connecting obliquely to two dark blotches on side, one below and extending into each dorsal fin and two across caudal fin; terminal lobe of caudal fin with irregular dark blotch; scattered small white spots present over body, most conspicuous within and at edges of large dark brown blotches.
In living larval stages, the first observable, contractile, longitudinal vessel-like structure is situated in the ventral midline behind the first primary gill slit (labeled vc in [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 1C AND 2A OMITTED]).
Work from my lab has shown that enteropneusts filter feed using a pharynx perforated with gill slits, just like the invertebrate chordates" stated Cameron.
They're a type of parasitic catfish from Brazil that swim into the gill slits of larger fish to suck blood.
But why should it have unmistakable gill slits unless its remote ancestors did respire with the aid of gills?
This is likely due to the different gape-and-suck capabilities between larvae and transformed salamanders: the gill slits close at metamorphosis, thus limiting the suction retention of prey items.
Gill slits are long, thin openings behind their heads.
A huge flattened head, dorsoventrally compressed body, small eyes without eyelids, and spiracle gill slits all demonstrate its prehistoric attributes.
If a Great White shark swam down the High Street it would have less impact - and with a design incorporating gill slits down the sides it does a reasonable impression of that deadly predator.
The new fish species is about 25mm long and is thought to feed off larger fish by swimming into their gill slits and sucking their blood.
Second, fish have mouths, eyes, gill slits, fins, and streamlined bodies.