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a flat fishnet suspended vertically in the water to entangle fish by their gills

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A drift gill net is defined as a gill net having a float line that is more than 1,000 yards in length.
Only two HI-FI stranded dolphins occurred in these months, one of which was wrapped in a large-mesh gill net (20.3-cm stretch mesh) more indicative of the striped bass (Morone saxatilis) fishery than spiny dogfish fishery (Steve et al., 2001).
In 1998, the government, through the Fisheries Code, banned the use of active gears and allowed only traditional methods like the use of gill nets, spear gun, and hook and line.
Estimation of maximum sustainable yield from crab pot fishing gears for surplus production model of Fox (MSY = 42.79 tones, R2 =0.85) and Schafer production model (MSY =34.12 tones, R2 =0.79) respectively, whereas gill net estimation of maximum sustainable are presented in (Table 2, Fig.
In May, he noted, tribal members affiliated with the 1855 Treaty Authority set gill nets in Lake Bemidji as part of a planned protest.
Moazzam explained that in order to reduce entanglement of marine turtles in gill net fishing gears, WWF-Pakistan has convinced local fishermen to shift from surface gillnetting to subsurface gillnetting which has reduced turtle entanglements in gillnet by 95% because most turtle species inhabit surface waters.
"This deal strikes the right balance between protecting the economic interests of small-scale fishers and recreational anglers with the need to move stocks toward the position where they can be fished sustainably into the future." | For sea bass, gill net fishing is permitted for 10 months of 1.2 tonnes per year.
Tekula fishes using a gill net, crab traps, and other traditional
Considerable quantities occur throughout the lake [Erie], except in Chautauqua County, New York, west of Irving, and in Maumee Bay and River, where the catch is small." Sturgeon were taken primarily by gill net and set line, with a staggering 3.66 million pounds taken in Buffalo and Erie County that year.
The Donald Trump administration has rejected a proposal for closing down a gill net fishery for two years if any two endangered whales or sea turtles are killed or seriously hurt within a two-year period.
We used data from hydrographic surveys, gill net collections, predator diets, and telemetry to evaluate the available evidence that supports or disproves our hypothesis.
Also on display is a fleet of five commercial fishing boats, including the restored gill net tug Kate A.
Spiny Dogfish, however, have been captured in sand and Eelgrass habitat in Samish Bay, Washington, using overnight commercial gill net sets (Farrer 2009).
He appeared at Sunderland Magistrates' Court where he pleaded guilty to four offences of fishing with a gill net without a licence.