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Synonyms for gill

a British imperial capacity unit (liquid or dry) equal to 5 fluid ounces or 142

a United States liquid unit equal to 4 fluid ounces

any of the radiating leaflike spore-producing structures on the underside of the cap of a mushroom or similar fungus


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respiratory organ of aquatic animals that breathe oxygen dissolved in water

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pethericii according to the side of the gill, the gill's arches, the inner and outer hemibranches and the gill segments of C.
Mr Gill has represented Wales at the European Parliament since 2014 and in May was elected a regional AM for North Wales.
On four separate occasions over the course of four days in March 2016, Gill was ordered out-of-service by state roadside safety inspectors for falsifying records of duty status and egregiously violating hours of service limitations designed to prevent fatigued driving.
Congress has now raised doubts over Badal's stand on terrorism as the politician had often criticised the police for allegedly killing and implicating Sikh youths in false cases, but the book claims he was simultaneously meeting Gill.
Polly joined several goats, as well as former battery chickens Gill had given a home to, and last March Polly single-handedly created a mini-flock for Gill when she gave birth to two lambs in the garden shed of her Parkgate home.
As always, Mr Gill has listened to his customers to try to understand what they want, and as a result offers a one-stop shop for the whole family.
Previous studies analyzed gill rakers and their adaptations related to feeding in species with the same feeding habit (LANGELAND & NOST, 1995; EIRAS-STOFELLA & CHARVET-ALMEIDA, 1997) or related gill rakers to species identification (LUCENA et al.
He said he pulled back from hitting Mr Gill with the spade on Deepdale Avenue, Grove Hill.
Gill, 42, said yesterday: "I don't remember any of this.
To be fair, Johnson failed to match the outright speed that Gill displayed in his 25 mph treadmill run.
Gill had a speeding conviction on his driving record, requested $1,000 cash bail.
Edward Woodward, the club's 40-year-old executive vice-chairman, and someone who has driven a huge expansion in United's commercial activity in recent years would replace Gill.
Kitzhaber deserves credit for intervening by proposing his own plan to move gill-netters into Columbia River side channels, while considering alternatives to gill nets on the main stem.
Reginald Gill, 77, conned women into believing they had cancer and told one victim her condition could be cured if a man sucked her breasts for 30 minutes a day.