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a brass that is rich in copper

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But Homady's chief engineer Dave Emary points out "copper is harder than lead; gilding metal harder still.
This bullet material and the gilding metal used in conventional bullet jackets have similar friction against steel.
Upon impact, the deep and wide hollowpoint peels back the heavy gilding metal outer jacket and the inner jacketed lead bullet, creating 12 offset petals.
I've recently read of an Italian ammunition company beginning production of bullets using aluminum jackets, but instead of simply being a thin covering to keep lead from steel, its jackets will be sturdy and simply a lower-cost replacement for gilding metal.
Those early bullets, made by simply swaging a lead core into a gilding metal jacket cup, suffered heinously.
MPG (Multi-Purpose Green) lead-free bullets are designed for AR rifles and feature a powdered-metal, copper-tin core surrounded by a gilding metal jacket for limited penetration.
200 YEARS AGO: Whereas on Monday night last, the Warehouse belonging to Mr William Blews of Navigation Street, was broke open and a large quantity of rolled, plated, and gilding metal, tile copper and Button Blanks, stolen therein.
By the 1920's cupronickel was replaced by gilding metal, 90 to 95 percent copper combined with 5 to 10 percent zinc, reducing copper-fouling considerably.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Conversion Gilding Metal Scrap To Strip
A swaged lead core is electromagnetically plated with a gilding metal jacket.
Abbreviations: GMX, Gilding Metal expanding: TS-X, Triple Shack-X; SST, Super Shock Tipped; TBBC, Trophy Bonded Bear Claw Weatherby Vanguard Sporter TYPE: Bolt-action repeater CALIBER: .
The 9mm Silvertip, along with all of the other calibers producing velocities over 1100 fps, was changed to nickel plated, gilding metal in an effort to reduce aluminum fouling in the barrel.
Tenders are invited for Strip For Gilding Metal Cup 7.
Eventually a mild brass alloy known as gilding metal became standard, containing 5 to 10 percent zinc as compared to around 30 percent for cartridge brass.
Capitalizing on the burgeoning popularity of homogeneous bullets, Homady's GMX (for Gilding Metal eXpanding) offers dramatic, immediate expansion coupled with outstanding penetration.