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someone whose occupation is to apply an overlay of gold or gilt

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Gilder gravely, "actually says that you were found grasping a knife, insensible, after the murder."
Gilder threw an alarmed glance at the man knocked down; but since that outraged person was already sitting up and wiping a little blood off a substantially uninjured face, he only said shortly: "What do you mean?"
Inspector Gilder had opened his mouth with serious intentions, but before he could speak the grotesque figure on the floor had gone on quite volubly.
As the girl collapsed under her memories, the priest passed stiffly into the next room, where he found Gilder and Merton alone with Patrick Royce, who sat in a chair, handcuffed.
There was a long stillness slowly broken by the metallic noises of Gilder unlocking the handcuffs of Patrick Royce, to whom he said: "I think I should have told the truth, sir.
trilogy, and the gradations of slasher movies.Jenkins finds meaning in very special episodes of Mork & Mindy, in the no-budget Rapture film d Thief In the Night (which reportedly gained an audience in the hundreds of millions via showings on the international Protestant church group circuit), and in Sexual Suicide, George Gilder's unintentionally hilarious rampage against gay and feminist activism (and Gilder's own flagging masculine energies).
The summer begins with a hang glider crashing into the pool; when the hang gilder makes off with Dinah's inflatable turtle, she's immediately suspicious.
As they begin their second century in business, the Van Gilder Insurance Corporation is certainly not standing still.
The gold is laid on immediately with a gilder's tip.
The company was founded in 1905 by Hal Van Gilder. His son, Dell Van Gilder Sr., joined the firm in 1926, and grandson Dell Van Gilder Jr., the current company chairman, joined in 1963.
It is this latter possibility that Joshua and Anne-Lee Gilder set out to prove in their book Heavenly Intrigue.
Golf: Bob Gilder carded a five-under-par 67 to become the all-the-way winner at the Constellation Energy Classic in Maryland.
In 1999, Moore (along with his partners, the conservative financier Richard Gilder and National Review publisher Thomas "Dusty" Rhodes) rechristened the group the Club for Growth and immediately started spending their cash funding primary campaigns against Republican fiscal doves.
* The Gilder Technology Report, George Gilder, editor, 12x, $195/year, which includes a "weekly e-mail dispatch from the heart of Telecosm."
Kathy Van Gilder, showroom manager at Tapestry Design, said it was the design-oriented aspect of the Guild products that initially appealed to her.