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Synonyms for gilded

having the deep slightly brownish color of gold

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based on pretense

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rich and superior in quality

made from or covered with gold


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There were not lacking, however, evidences of what we may call the intelligent egoism of a youth who is charmed with the indolent, careless life of an only son, and who lives as it were in a gilded cage.
But the May Lord, he of the gilded staff, chancing to look into his Lady's eyes, was wonder struck at the almost pensive glance that met his own.
The youth, in the peril of the moment, had dropped his gilded staff, and thrown his arm about the Lady of the May, who leaned against his breast, too lightly to burden him, but with weight enough to express that their destinies were linked together, for good or evil.
No apothecary would have deemed himself in the way of obtaining custom without setting up a gilded mortar, if not a head of Galen or Hippocrates, from the skilful hand of Drowne.
Whether it were the monarch himself, or some famous British admiral or general, or the governor of the province, or perchance the favorite daughter of the ship-owner, there the image stood above the prow, decked out in gorgeous colors, magnificently gilded, and staring the whole world out of countenance, as if from an innate consciousness of its own superiority.
One of his productions, an Indian chief, gilded all over, stood during the better part of a century on the cupola of the Province House, bedazzling the eyes of those who looked upward, like an angel of the sun.
Jupiter was clad in a coat of mail, covered with black velvet, with gilt nails; and had it not been for the rouge, and the huge red beard, each of which covered one-half of his face,--had it not been for the roll of gilded cardboard, spangled, and all bristling with strips of tinsel, which he held in his hand, and in which the eyes of the initiated easily recognized thunderbolts,--had not his feet been flesh-colored, and banded with ribbons in Greek fashion, he might have borne comparison, so far as the severity of his mien was concerned, with a Breton archer from the guard of Monsieur de Berry.
In compiled and edited by Helen Zoe Veit (Associate Professor of History at Michigan State University), "Food in the American Gilded Age" excerpts from a wide range of Gilded Age sources ranging from period cookbooks, to advice manuals, to dietary studies--revealing the jarring eating and cooking differentials between classes and regions at a time when technology and industrialization were transforming what and how people ate.
West End offers an updated twist on historic scroll motifs in a gilded and aged colorway of gold and silver on round plates.
The contemporary venue, on the banks of the River Wear, will be playing host to acclaimed North East folk quartet Gilded Thieves on Friday, October 30.
TONIGHT Dylan Moran will develop new material for his 2015 tour at the Gilded Balloon at Drygate in Glasgow.
This partnership for the month of November is especially personal as meals will be donated to thousands of children around the holidays,” said John Powers, founder of The Gilded Nut Snack Co.
Gilded Thieves and Savannah Betts, pictured, will be taking to the stage at Think Tank on September 12 for what promises to be a mesmerising folk-infused evening of live music.
GONE GILT: Using painter's tape and Martha Stewart's Liquid Gilding in Gold (find it at Michael's), create a gilded strip on your dyed eggs.