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music in three-four time for dancing a jig


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It had four movements: praludium, gavotte, largo and gigue. Though comparatively it was a shorter performance, the mastery with which the cellist conveyed the feel of the composition was no different.
Its Prelude cascaded along, its Sarabande was nicely understated and the exuberance of its Gigue was tightly controlled.
Without going back into early history, simply the names of atypical baroque suite indicate the importance of dance: Allemande,Corrente, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue, Gavotte, Minuet, Passepi ed, andBourree.
"I should tell you about the gigue," I said, jumping to the last movement.
The music on the dial of the clock is listed as: Allegro; Presto; Gigue; Allegro; Sonata; Allegro; Air; Air; Air; Air.
La Gigue, danse de pas, Quebec, Editions GID, 2003, 133 p.
Sub-elements and common terms and instructional terminology may include: measure, phrase, arch, symmetric, passage, cycle, section, repeats, movement, multimovement, suite, schema, binary, rounded binary, ternary, rondo, sonata, sonata-rondo, concerto, concerto grosso, ritornello, symphony, introduction, exposition, development, recapitulation, coda, codetta, theme and variations, fugue, canon, round, Da capo, Dal segno, bridge, transition, extension, strophic, verse/chorus, refrain, strain, aria, gigue, tarantella, serenade, motet, cantata, madrigal, oratorio, opera, operetta, cadenza, recitative, march, trio, blues, macro/micro forms, hybrid, vamping, imitative, through composed.
Titles: "Clair de lune"; "Walcourt"; "Un grand sommeil noir"; "J'ai peur d'un baiser"; "Il pleure dans mon coeur"; "Dansons la gigue"; "Les coquillages"; "La lune blanche"; "En sourdine"; "Mandoline."
Andante with Anneli Binder and Pierre Tappon has a more melancholic, trouble theme, the calm, reflective phase before the final gorgeous Gigue with Andres de Blust Mommaerts and Charlotte Eatock joining with Riddick.
As always, Reisner brought a dazzling fluency to her playing, taking the opening Preludio at a sizzling pace only to yield to meltingly conveyed dynamics in the second piece, Loure, energetic bounce in the Gavote, good belting in the Bouree, and sinewy delight in the final Gigue. Veteran concertgoer Tom Keil - a cellist in the Festival camp - remarked, "Fantastic music, fantastically played."
In this performance, Petrenko led a spirited gigue and a sedate, verging on sensuous, minuet.
2 by John Barnes Chance, and "Fugue a la Gigue" by J.S.
Each chapter is divided in the same way as the dance movements of Bach's suites: prelude, allemande, courante, sarabande, minuet, and gigue. The many threads of Siblin's quest become the multi-dimensional narrative of the book, and it all works well.