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Synonyms for giggle

Synonyms for giggle

to laugh in a stifled way

a stifled laugh

Synonyms for giggle

a foolish or nervous laugh

Related Words

laugh nervously

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Enna's constant giggling is called the Pseudobulbar effect - where patients who have had brain tumour surgery often express involuntary emotions.
And that isn't because she used to be a tennis player, just that the London Arena is full of more dizzy blondes giggling uncontrollably as the AXA Cup coincides with half term.
On Monday, Giggling Squid will offer diners spirits at 'half a crown' or 13p, a glass of wine at three shillings or 15p and bottles of lager at 10p.
They started kissing while giggling and then things got hotter," the source added.
The involuntary giggling is known as pseudobulbar affect and is thought to be caused by disruptions to nerves during surgery.
There will be a variety of different themes throughout the week to highlight diet and exercising, including a dance day, a 1940s meal and a "get giggling" day, when funny face pizza and ticklish fish finger torpedoes will be served with giggling garden peas and cackling corn.
Washington, March 30 (ANI): The giggling sounds of a hyena contain important information about the animal's age, dominance and identity, scientists have found.
I remember her walking away and turning and waving and giggling back to the girls.
JONATHAN Ross was slammed yesterday for giggling and sneering at the official ruling on the obscene phone call scandal.
KIRSTEN Dunst was dubbed "Kirsten Dunce" after giggling as she gave evidence at the trial of a man accused of stealing her belongings .
An onlooker said: "Paul had a spring in his step and she was giggling.
After his fourth time racing round the dusty yard, Harry pleaded with the giggling girl, who was abandoned by her parents as a baby: "No more - I'm exhausted.
I Did It Again,'' with a deliberately darker edge, giggling after ``Oops,'' with a guilty smirk on her face.
In fact, giggling is so good for us that close to half (47 per cent) of Brits think people who giggle more take fewer days off sick.
All the giggling giant has to do is display his huge gnashers and start a noisy laughing fit to keep audiences amused for hours.