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Synonyms for giggler

a person who laughs nervously


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Gigglers - the most flirtatious, suggestive and sexual of the categories, commonly exhibited by young females around members of the opposite sex.
He added laughing: ``She's a giggler. She's terrific fun.
So here,Richard Brightiff makes the most of the boater-clad giggler Mr Snow, while Geoffrey Abbott has a whale of a time as the weaselly Jigger,and Lynsey Britton plays sassy lassie Carrie with just a hint of Bette Midler.
GIGGLER: Sophia Eve Warren, tipped the scales weighing 9lb 4ozs when born on May 6.
"He's a terrible giggler. In the final episode I get shot in the bum by an angry farmer and Robson had to investigate.
For the celebrity voted Britain's Best Giggler, the stunt was apparently too corny a photo opportunity to miss.
GIGGLER Freddie Peter Smith tipped the scales weighing 8lb 5oz on July 27, to proud parents Mark Smith and Leanne Duffy of Town Farm, Middlesbrough.; FRANKIE Woodier of Hemlington said 'Hello' to the world on March 5, weighing 7lb 11oz, to parents Peter and Jane.
Guaranteeing that the series goes out on a high is regular Friday Night visitor, Jonathan's real-life mate and inveterate giggler Ricky Gervais (below), who turns up with a sneak clip of his forthcoming series Extras, featuring Kate Winslet.
Kriss has a reputation for being a bit of a giggler, but he hopes he will be able to keep a straight face with out-spoken Lily on the stage.
He was born weighing 7lb 10oz to Kelly Boon and is brother to Kacey Leigh; GIGGLER Alfie Skelton born on April 18, weighing 7lb 14oz.
"Leah was a giggler, a bit of a comedian who could also be a little devil at times.
She remembers Titanic star Kate Winslett as being a great giggler as well as England goalie David Seaman.