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Synonyms for giggle

Synonyms for giggle

to laugh in a stifled way

a stifled laugh

Synonyms for giggle

a foolish or nervous laugh

Related Words

laugh nervously

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Giggle Beats editor Andrew Dipper said: "Baby Cow and Channel X have helped create some of the best comedies of the past decade and I'm delighted they have agreed to sponsor the quiz.
I once had a fit of giggles in the middle of a school assembly.
The perfect get-together companion, Drink Wine and Giggle is dedicated to encouraging new adventures and fresh insights.
She still laughs and giggles a lot and once she starts she can't stop.
The hope of completing our mission was seriously at risk, but we howled with giggles, nonetheless
Lisa Rosenthal of Lansco and John Auber of the The Auber Group represented Giggle in this transaction.
Four first-prize winners will each receive a Tickle N Giggle Fifi, a Cook & Clean Playset, a Ring o Roses Fifi and a Fifi's Magical Picnic Party Playset (RRP pounds 14.
Nearly half of the men surveyed found women who giggle more attractive, so it's good for your love life too
Giggle Goodie Bag full of things to make you smile.
A group of Laughter Yoga enthusiasts got together in a Tokyo Park in a bid to giggle their way to good health.
C[pounds sterling]The Giggle Family characters connect with a broad-based audience, from toddlers to teens, parents and grandparentsC*everybody loves them," said Abbasa Hameed Al Azzawi, marketing support manager, Reef Mall.
She would be looking down having a giggle about the stupid things that I've been doing, like going left when I should have gone right.
and the chatter will go something like this: "Oh yes, really, that's brilliant [giggle, giggle], really brilliant; wow, that's great, really great [giggle, giggle]; wow, that's beeyootiful, really beeyootiful [giggle, giggle, giggle].
Giggle is a nine-year-old ghost who works magic, plays tricks, rescues animals, and even goes to the moon
Heil said the Flash Gordon ray gun was one of those onetime giggle factor ideas.