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Bragaglia AG (1926a) Le costruzioni a gibus. Comoedia 8(6): 19.
Gibus is Italy's leading producer and supplier of sun awnings, pergolas, technical blinds and furniture accessories.
The top hat became so big as to be unwieldy, a troublesome burden when carried; in 1812 a French hatter named Antoine Gibus obligingly invented a collapsible model.
37 What would (mostly upper-class) people once have done with a gibus?
tramways, ulsters et gibus, leurs voisins, du moins, les Chinois, nous
Forget the stereotype Jack the Ripper, swirly moustachioed Victorian villain figure, Phantom of the Opera-like cloak, black bag in black-gloved hand, raven's-wing-black sheered gibus under an East End gibbous moon, shuffling subfusc through shadowed passage and court.