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Synonyms for gibe

to make fun or make fun of

an instance of mockery or derision

Synonyms for gibe

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Salini Impregilo, in a short statement it issued at its website said the new project (Koysha dam) together with GIBE III and GERD (the Grand Renaissance Dam) on the Blue Nile will enable Ethiopia to become Africa's leader in terms of energy production.
The Gilgel Gibe III dam, an extension project expected to become Africa's single-largest source of electricity, is due for completion in 2015.
Ronino Gibe, a forester, and Policarpio Balute, another farmer, survived the incident.
Our knowledge of natural and organic formulations and markets will ensure the success of your products and will gibe you the competitive edge to tackle the health food indusby and their ever-stringent standards.
Just this year Ethiopia's prime minister justified the construction of the Gibe III Dam on the Omo River, which will destroy the livelihoods of 90,000 tribal people, by saying, "Even though this area is known as backward in terms of civilization, it will become an example of rapid development.
As protests from various green campaigners grew to stop the Gibe III hydroelectric dam project in Ethiopia, the European Investment Bank (EIB) said it has dropped the funding environmental and social impact studies for the project.
But even Holy Writ must be redacted when it doesn't gibe with military-industrial advertisers.
The Israeli occupation forces reject international calls to gibe a map leading to the places of millions of cluster bombs dropped in Lebanon in 2006.
Ethiopia The building of the GIBE III dam and hydro-electric power plant is attracting yet more opposition from the international environmental watchdogs, relevant NGOs, local advocacy groups, and the affected communities following ever more details emerging over the scale of displacement of local people living in affected areas.
New options will gibe points for the encouragement of resource protection, water course fencing, the introduction of 12m grass buffer strips against water courses and the management of maize crops by planting cover crops such as mustard, kale and barley over winter.
Starting perfectly at the Committee boat end of the line and tacking immediately to the right of the course, Team Austria - helmed by RenE[umlaut] Mangold - dominated most of the race, giving the victory away to Team Aqua and BMW ORACLE Racing in the last gibe.
The navy said in a statement on Saturday that an Indian navy ship sent its marine commandos on a helicopter towards the Ethiopian flag-bearing vessel MV Gibe after getting a distress call that it was under fire from two boats.
This inevitably gave rise to the gibe "She was Kane but was he Able?
The main determinant of whether a gibe is morally offensive is the "vulnerability of the group or individual joked about," Bicknell argues.
His carrer has stalled since then, but he hopes a loan spell at blue square premier under-achlevers Kidderminster will gibe him a much needed lift.