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Synonyms for gibe

to make fun or make fun of

an instance of mockery or derision

Synonyms for gibe

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According to Azeb Asnake, chief executive officer of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, already 88 percent of the work for the Gibe 3 hydropower project has been completed.
There is also a lot of major construction activity in the energy sector; Ethiopia is currently constructing what will be the highest dam in Africa, Gibe III.
The cameo will be a gibe at Simon Cowell, as Cheryl will portray the character of a TV talent show judge with Diaz playing a contestant.
It also said that it was awarded to Italian multinational Salini Costruttori, the same Italian construction company that built the Gilgel Gibe II and Tana Beles dams.
London mayor Ken Livingstone yesterday claimed "a victory for democracy and common sense" after the High Court cleared him of bringing his office into disrepute by making a Nazi gibe against a Jewish reporter.
2% while a new entry has achieved third spot - the Gibe worm with 4.
With the aim of resolving chronic power outages and sustain a booming economy, Gilgel Gibe III Dam would nearly raise the country s energy output.
A number of new dams have either been recently completed or are already under construction, including the Gilgel Gibe II and Tana Beles schemes, which came on stream last year, collectively providing 880MW of new generating capacity and taking national generating capacity up to 1,886MW.
But despite her hurt at the cruel gibe, Tatum, 39, agreed to meet her dad to mark the 30th anniversary of their movie Paper Moon, which earned the starlet an Oscar at the tender age of 10.
One is the enduring image of Llandudno and its environs as ``CostaGeriatrica'',an unfair gibe maybe,but understandable given the paucity of current quality night life for the under- 40s.
PRINCE PHILIP insulted a group of deaf youngsters with a gibe about standing too close to a steel band.
Initially identified as a new variant of the Gibe family of viruses, the name is likely to change to W32/Swen.
The National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, Abay Tsehaye, after paying a visit at the massive Gibe III Hydro power project, said the ongoing campaigns are an "empty attempt of some interest groups who do not want to see Ethiopia march towards development".
The European Investment Bank (EIB) says it has not yet made up its mind whether or not to fund Ethiopia's contentious Gibe 3 Dam.
Members of the Klez, Yaha, Gibe and Nimda families have all shared in holding the top position in the Dirty Dozen.