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Synonyms for gibbet

to execute by suspending by the neck

Synonyms for gibbet

alternative terms for gallows

hang on an execution instrument

Related Words

expose to ridicule or public scorn


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Jarrow councillor Jim Perry said: "He was the last man in this country to be gibbeted and it was never proven beyond reasonable doubt that he did it.
Displays dedicated to the town's famous trades of shipbuilding and coal mining are alongside William Jobling's gibbet (the last man to be hanged and gibbeted in England) and the model ship of St Hilda.
PLANS will be taken forward today for a memorial on Tyneside to the last man to be hanged and gibbeted in England.
Miner William Jobling, 30, was the last man to be hanged and gibbeted in England after he was convicted of killing 71-year-old South Shields magistrate Nicholas Fairles in 1832.
Winter's body was gibbeted in chains at Steng Cross.