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a unit of information equal to 1024 mebibytes or 2^30 (1,073,741,824) bytes

a castrated tomcat

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Gilbert "Gib" Lamb, co-founder of Lamb Weston Inc., who developed the Lamb Water Gun Knife still used by the potato processing industry to slice french fries, has been posthumously inducted into the Frozen Food Industry Hall of Fame in the USA.
After the high spot is removed, the gib is re-died and inserted again.
As a regional investment banking pioneer, GIB has been active in the GCC capital markets for almost two decades through offices in Riyadh, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.
GIB continues to make progress in the implementation of its expansion strategy and the strengthening of its presence in key regional markets through growth across its business and client base.
During this period, GIB is allocating resources as required to support the establishment of the new entity and ensure a smooth transition from a branch to a locally incorporated bank.
Yahya Alyahya, GIB's CEO, said, 'We are confident the new name, GIB Capital, will position the company better for future growth in the capital markets business in the Kingdom and the GCC as a whole.'
The magazine highlighted that GIB successfully raised $933 million through an oversubscribed bond issue in Saudi Arabia.
GIB Capital will also provide financial advisory services covering equity placements (initial public offerings and private placements), mergers and acquisitions, privatisations, strategic debt advisory and asset management.
Recognizing GIB Capital's continued regional market leadership across investment banking products, EMEA Finance named GIB Capital as the "Best Investment Bank in the Middle East," "Best Local Investment Bank -- Saudi Arabia" and "Best Local Investment Bank -- Bahrain," each for the third consecutive year.
Gulf International Bank (GIB) today announced further progress in the implementation of its expansion strategy to position itself as a pan GCC-universal bank.
Gulf International Bank (GIB), a leading bank in the region, has announced that Arun Hari has recently been appointed as Group chief risk officer.
11 : 35 AM - 02/07/2018 Riyadh, July 2 (BNA): GIB Capital, the Riyadh-based regional investment banking and asset management arm of Gulf International Bank (GIB), has been recognised as "The Best bond house in the Middle East" at the EMEA Finance's Middle East Banking Awards.
Gulf International Bank (GIB) has announced the appointment of Mr.