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large black-and-white herbivorous mammal of bamboo forests of China and Tibet

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Subsidiary of FesX Corp (NYSE:FDX) FedEx Express on Sunday announced that it has safely delivered two three-year-old giant pandas to Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport in France.
TWO giant pandas were last night beginning their new life in Scotland - signalling a 'significant chapter' in relations between China and the UK.
Although it is considered a carnivore, the giant panda actually prefers plants over meat.
The breeding pair will be the first Giant Pandas in the UK for 17 years Chris Ison/PA Wire AFGHANISTAN Lance Cpl.
In The Way of the Panda Nicholls argues that the history of the giant panda and the history of China are intimately related, not only because of the location of the wild animals, but also because the story of the first parallels in some interesting ways the story of the second.
Prof Bruford said: "I think one of the key findings in this study is that the giant panda is not a dead-end species; it has more genetic variability than a human.
Lousheng had been artificially inseminated with sperm from two male giant pandas at the end of March, but it was not until 10 days before the birth that researchers at the center found out about the pregnancy, Xinhua said.
An adopted nickname will also be given to a baby panda at a giant panda zoo in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.
Despite three deaths, it is the biggest baby boom for the endangered species since China's first began artificially breeding giant pandas in the 1960s, Zhang said.
The giant panda, one of the world's most endangered and elusive species, lives only in a restricted mountainous region in China due to its dependence on bamboos found only there.
Wealthy young adventurer Bill Harkness died in China while on a quest for a giant panda.
A 72-year-old man was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for three years, on Thursday for selling a stuffed giant panda in March this year in violation of a law on the conservation of endangered species.
A facts page follows the story and includes a map of the world, pinpointing Panda's home, and short informational text about the giant panda.
For 25 years, the World Wildlife Fund Giant Panda Program and China's State Forestry Administration have worked together to protect pandas by creating reserves, helping abolish logging near panda habitats, and replenishing forests.