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Synonyms for ghoul

a perversely bad, cruel, or wicked person

Synonyms for ghoul

someone who takes bodies from graves and sells them for anatomical dissection

an evil spirit or ghost

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But for a long time it had a very bad reputation because in olden days Al Ghoul was used as a disciplinary method to scare children into obedience.
It's almost back to ghoul time: Monster High makes its video game debut this fall from THQ.
As the match is going on, the operator has the flexibility to slow the footage to the state of freezing it at any point," explained Ghoul.
Al Ghoul said all should register to ease render of public services, security and attain administrative efficiency in the local and federal departments.
With regards to a possible merger with Deyaar, Ghoul said he could neither confirm or deny this, as discussions are possibly taking place at a lower government level which he is not involved in.
He also insists he is far too tall to fit victims' descriptions of The Ghoul.
Speaking exclusively to BroadcastPro Middle East, Ghoul said: "I joined Grass Valley on April 1.
Part-owned by Emirates NBD PJSC, Union aims to focus on its main business of managing and renting property as part of a restructuring plan and may cut its 50 per cent stake in Emirates District Cooling LLC, CFO Zaid Ghoul said in a phone interview.
Zaid Ghoul, chief financial officer of Union Properties, said: "We're not sure what action we can take as there are no laws against analysts.
Apres avoir visionne une video retracant les realisations de TAJ, Ghoul s'est adresse aux femmes leur demandant de lutter pour une [beaucoup moins que] Algerie stable et indivisible [beaucoup plus grand que], en les exhortant a se lever en guise de reconnaissance au president de la Republique pour ses engagements au profit de la femme, a commencer par les reformes realisees et la grande place dont elle jouit dans la societe, mettant en avant toutes les lois garantissant les droits de la femme.
ATG Middle East FZ-LLC, which is located at Dubai Media City, will be headed by Hassan Ghoul.
Contents of the Al Ghoul home were torn to bits, witnesses report.
beaucoup moins que] L'Algerie a constitutionnalise la question du developpement durable, vu son importance pour la realisation de la justice sociale [beaucoup plus grand que], a affirme Ghoul lors des travaux de la conference internationale du tourisme durable portant sur [beaucoup moins que] les orientations de la production et de la consommation touristiques durables [beaucoup plus grand que], soulignant que l'etude d'impact sur l'environnement constituait une condition sine qua non pour le lancement de tout projet d'investissement.
Summary: Several development projects of the maritime infrastructures of Algiers' coast will be launched as part of the five year development programme for 2010-2014, announced Sunday Public Works Minister Amar Ghoul.
4) A ghoul looks absolutely frightful at the Rockgate Place Haunting, a house of dark mazes in Simi Valley.