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Synonyms for ghostlike

gruesomely suggestive of ghosts or death

Synonyms for ghostlike

resembling or characteristic of a phantom

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The team ventures into deserted fields, frozen wastelands, and ghostlike cities on what seems like an endless journey with a flimsy reward.
As Brite explicitly suggests, Trevor's artist persona gives the relationship of dead father and ghostlike son the additional dimension of brothers in spirit (DB 327).
Neutrinos are ghostlike particles that interact very rarely with the rest of the universe.
They have traded hands countless times, each a copy untold generations removed from the original, and the soft texture on screen gives the image a ghostlike aura.
Over past years visitors to the Victorian park in Gateshead have become rather spoiled by the light-and-sound spectacular, with ghostlike figures emerging from evening shadows to act out little vignettes in a fantasy world where voices whisper confidences in their e ar, illuminations dazzle amongst the trees and weirdly wonderful sights grab the attention.
Calling the NLL an "illegal, ghostlike line," the spokesman warned that South Korea's "desperate efforts to preserve the illegal 'northern limit line' will bring only death to them.
Some are even pushing for areas of the DMZ to be opened to allow the ghostlike South Korean tigers to cross over to breed with counterparts in the North.
When the proton appears, two more particles fly away: the small, negatively charged electron (the beta particle) and a ghostlike particle known as an antineutrino.
Considering the reputation of the ghostlike nibble these prison fish are famous for, that is a bit of a surprise.
Two separate entangled systems have a ghostlike connection even when they are placed at a large distance without being directly connected to each other.
And it's come to a final stop," commander Christopher Ferguson radioed after a ghostlike Atlantis glided through the twilight.
Staring through the child, a ghostlike tone in her voice, the woman was emphatic, "Oh yes, he is.
Missing is any reference to the works of Masumi Hayashi and Joan Myers, whose brilliant color collages and black-and-white landscape photographs also explore the ghostlike abandoned spaces of these former camps.
In fact, it was one portion of a fence meant to separate the territory of the students' dormitories from Grozavesti, where I would live my modest life, from the ghostlike mysterious realm of the chemical research institute, patronized, from somewhere up there, through a huge cupola of radiation, by the personality of academic/ doctor/engineer Elena Ceausescu.