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a word form that has entered the language through the perpetuation of an error

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Speaking of ghost words, GaB uses the term Via Maris for the great north-south trunk route that passes near Megiddo (p.
In addition to expanded the rather limited knowledge of the lexicon, he improves and refines the definitions of many attested Neo-Mandaic words, and weeds out ghost words and intrusions from Classical Mandaic.
Some improvements over earlier fascicles are noticeable: cross-references to alternate spellings and non-obvious allomorphs are more plentiful, as are explicit rejections of ghost words and misreadings.
He lived long enough to tell of it in ghost words, in signs.
The DPL is also comprehensive in the sense that it includes far more words than its predecessors; a random side-by-side check will show that DPL has virtually all the lemmata in PSM (including the numerous ghost words, discussed below), as well as a great many not found there.