ghost dance

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a religious dance of Native Americans looking for communication with the dead

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His interviews and observations concerning the Ghost Dance religion that was embraced by the Plains tribes in the early 1890s are recorded in this volume.
Rather than pursuing a historical narrative or an anthropological study, Hittman uses the hybrid technique of ethnohistorical biography in an attempt to reconstruct the familial and religious life of Jack Wilson (or Wovoka among his other names), his visions, and the 1890 Ghost Dance religion that he spawned.
Late in 1890, however, Levy-Levy's labor gang/band held its own Ghost Dance in the Hualapai Mountains.
Although they received the Ghost Dance religion from a non-Lakota source, their adaptation of the new belief resembled the Sun Dance in that fasting participants circled a central tree and received visions.
The Ghost Dance resurfaced in 1894 through the efforts of Setzepetoi (Afraid-of-Bears), a blind clairvoyant who attracted new followers by inducing trances where the supplicants visited deceased relatives in the spirit world.
strengthening social ties and renewing the participants' focus on the many elements of traditional religious practice that the Ghost Dance preserved.
He took a leaf out of MJ's style in the famous ghost dance number Muqabala from Hum Se Hai Muqabla, and recently in the dance film Any Body Can Dance.
Flying Hawk was a nephew of Sitting Bull, and full brother of ghost dance leader Kicking Bear.
Nevertheless, due to Coyotes ambiguous nature, the theme of cultural inheritance is enforced through physical ancestral characters in The Owls Song and Killing Time with Strangers and a completing of the ghost dance in Flight.
There is furthermore an interesting example from North American material, of the leader of the Ghost Dance, Wovoka, (5) who twenty years later became the leader of a different tribal group, which dramatizes the relationship between the "fullness of time" and the personality and message of the prophet.
Art historian, scholar, writer and curator Steve Loft doesn't mince words when he talks about the need for an art exhibition like Ghost Dance.
Backed only by Tony Shanahan's acoustic guitar, Smith still managed to raise the roof when she wanted to, whether on Ghost Dance or Beneath The Southern Cross.
With only Tony Shanahan's acoustic guitar for backing, songs including Ghost Dance and Beneath The Southern Cross were delivered in sparse style, but were no less impactful for it.
In this readable reference for general readers, Keillor (Carleton University, Canada), Archambault, and Kelly present entries on historical and modern traditions of aboriginal North American music, from The Ghost Dance to rock and roll.
western Nevada to take part in sprinting races, and afterwards attended a Ghost Dance, led by a woman.