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a shoe without a tongue and with decorative lacing up the instep


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Now a lasting token of the "close friendship" between Queen Victoria and her faithful ghillie John Brown is going under the hammer.
I think most of the ghillies had probably given up any thoughts of catching a fish that day.
We decided to find a suitable bloodline to mix with Ghillie and rejuvenate the whole Border Terrier line in the USA.
The fish took a harled fly specially tied by ghillie David Barwick and had to be followed downstream in the boat after a powerful 150-yard dash.
Second place behind Claire and Ghillie in the 90cm optimum time went to Kirtlebridge rider Beri Brown and Lucy, a relatively new combination busy preparing for the forthcoming eventing season.
THURSDAY TOM ADAMSON The Londoner launches his new album Medium Eyes Blue Build at Edinburgh's Ghillie Dhu tonight.
A NUMBER of years ago, I asked a Highland ghillie what he used to catch salmon for out-of-season broodstock fishing.
Both the jacket and pant are a combination Ghillie with the company's 3D Realleaf finish and feature ripstop fabric.
3 On which part of the body would a ghillie normally be worn?
GHILLIE UP FOR spring, the 'ghillie' flat (pointed-toe lace-ups inspired by Scottish dance shoes) is going up a notch, with vertiginous heels taking this daywear favourite far into the night.
The 1997 flick's title comes from the monarch's supposed relationship with ghillie John Brown.
Ghillie tan is a dark tan color with a faint swirling camo pattern in it.
At Ross, ghillie Lyn Cobley put an angler onto a 33lb fish while his son Joe was ghillie for an angler who caught a 30lb fish.
Police have teamed up with gamekeepers in Morpeth, Northumberland, to launch Operation Ghillie to prevent rural crime and poaching.
The Neighbourhood Policing Team in Morpeth have launched Operation Ghillie to prevent rural crime and poaching.