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put in a ghetto


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La ghettoisation des minorites ethniques, le deplacement des activites de production dans les suburbs, la gentrification des centres anciens, sont des tendances des villes americaines depuis les annees cinquante.
Another extensive literature has explored socio-spatial segregation within many major cities, with research on gentrification (Butler, 1997), geodemographic classifications (Burrows and Gane, 2006), belonging (Benson, 2014; Savage et al., 2004), gated communities (Atkinson, 2004) and ghettoisation (Blokland and Savage, 2008), all insisting on the pivotal role of residential differentiation in marking out contemporary class division in Britain.
White privilege, language capital and cultural ghettoisation: Western high skilled migrants in Taiwan.
Lenin's criticism about this idea, and also subsequently developed by Stalin (1977: 63-75), basically stressed the danger of ghettoisation which was attached to it.
However, some sections of the Anglo-Jewish community welcomed the idea of more mixing in order to foster religious tolerance and combat accusations of ghettoisation. Some adults even suggested that a percentage of non-Jews should be allowed into Jewish clubs as 'surely the more we mix with non-Jews the less ignorance there will be about our religion'.
Les trois films proposent un discours sur l'espace ou nous degageons quelques tendances : fragmentation ; ghettoisation (C'est eux les chiens, The se ais behind), disparition de l'espace public (voir la place Lhmam envahie par des figures de l'etrangete).
Street names, names of churches and burial grounds and names of schools often provide us cues about the spatial ghettoisation of the community in the city.
Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah termed the idea of composite townships " ghettoisation of Kashmiri Pandits", while his party National Conference stated it was an attempt to divide the state on religious lines.
Cette delocalisation pour lui ne fera que produire une ghettoisation des Acadiens dont les aptitudes et la culture de travail ne repondent pas aux besoins des grandes agglomerations.
The government's economic support programmes have tended to encourage a ghettoisation of women's economic activity in low-income areas such as small-scale garment production.
The gendering community safety research presents the tension between the concept and practice of the 'gender expert' as a skill to offer initial training to mainstream services (Moser, 2005), and the management of 'ghettoisation' of women's issues to a unit where all the problems relegated to women are deposited (Shaw & Capobianco, 2004).
Comme Myers (2002) l'a remarque, l'essor commercial des acryliques fut accompagne par un phenomene d'individuation, d'ethnicisation et de ghettoisation de l'art autochtone australien.
It helped the genre establish a broader audience and cultural presence, challenging its ghettoisation as housewives' programming, and making a lot of money for networks, producers, and sponsors.
Without collecting and linking comprehensive education, immigration and employment data on IQNs, how can we retain those we have, reduce our dependence on IQN recruitment and avoid the "ghettoisation" of IQNs from particular countries in low paid areas, eg aged care, the net result of which is to drive New Zealand's employment conditions down?