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the quality of being ghastly

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His countenance was pale even to ghastliness, and his deep-set eyes glared with unnatural lustre.
For, the flipside no longer exists, and all anyone with eyes that don't have jihad-tinted glasses on can see is a state so obsessed with radical Islamism in all its ghastliness that it is willing to self-amputate just so there's something to prey on.
I know the ding-a-lings who attended that dinner are not representative of our entire gender, but their industrial-level ghastliness is such that it drowns out any men who are vaguely acceptable.
However, at the same briefing, Spicer drew criticism after he sought to underscore the ghastliness of the gas attack by saying: "You had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons.
Martin has employed it skilfully to deepen his critique of that ghastliness.
I just hope that something can be salvaged from our current predicament, and that we'll again have some say in Europe, avoiding the ghastliness of isolation.
He also said "Despite all of the ghastliness in the world, human beings are made for goodness.
In other scenes, Mendes and the scriptwriters have had fun, referencing scenes from gangster and crime-steeped films like "The Untouchables" -- for an underworld boardroom ghastliness -- to "The Italian Job" where Bond's latest Aston Martin supercar and an Audi replace Minis careening down steps in Rome.
From the outset, Whipple notes, "The error in 'The Scarlet Letter,' proceeded from the divorce of its humor from its pathos--the introduction being as genial as Goldsmith or Lamb, and the story which followed being tragic even to ghastliness.
Ryskind's second success is to remind us of the moral ghastliness of the Nazi-Soviet pact.
It is as if she were meditating on the philosophical implications of being alienated from oneself, borrowing from Melville's Ishmael in "that blackness of darkness" when "I but the better saw the redness, the madness, the ghastliness of others" (476).
In this sense, the abstracted ghastliness of Boorioboola-Gha stands as an emblem of Bleak House's contradictory achievement: its dazzling, multiform enactment of indirect violence as a lethal weapon and a pervasive social evil, an indictment countermanded by formal constraints that manifest as an ameliorative reticence to acknowledge the consequence of its own claims.
The point is not to in any way downplay the seriousness, the ghastliness of Ebola, or the way in which it has ravaged Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, and its potential to wreck havoc beyond West Africa.
Maybe what's happened is that the American people are waking up to the ghastliness of not just what the Boyds are doing to huge unborn babies, but to the savagery which is abortion at any stage.