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Synonyms for ghastliness

the quality of being ghastly

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His countenance was pale even to ghastliness, and his deep-set eyes glared with unnatural lustre.
At that time, Finland was under Russian rule, and Aino is drawn to socialism and revolution, which she clings to even through bouts of torture whose ghastliness is only hinted at.
Reality TV has created this ghastliness and it's got to stop.
I like coming at it various ways to various ends.' In this sense, she is inspired by precedents including 'the Dada gang' and the concrete poetry of Apollinaire, which she recently read 'again and again and again', impressed by 'how he represented the tension and ghastliness of war without being a preacher'.
The ghastliness of war and its consequent unsavory realities are subtly captured in Mohammed Hanif's recent novel, Red Birds.
For, the flipside no longer exists, and all anyone with eyes that don't have jihad-tinted glasses on can see is a state so obsessed with radical Islamism in all its ghastliness that it is willing to self-amputate just so there's something to prey on.
I know the ding-a-lings who attended that dinner are not representative of our entire gender, but their industrial-level ghastliness is such that it drowns out any men who are vaguely acceptable.
There is no sense that this terrible time is a rite of passage for those involved, or that what is being described needs to be known by the world at large so that the sheer ghastliness of war will never be forgotten.
However, at the same briefing, Spicer drew criticism after he sought to underscore the ghastliness of the gas attack by saying: "You had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons." Nazi Germany used gas chambers to kill millions of Jews during the Holocaust.
Martin has employed it skilfully to deepen his critique of that ghastliness. He voices his criticisms via Frye's ironic mode, using low mimetic intrusions to interrogate high mimetic conceits.
I just hope that something can be salvaged from our current predicament, and that we'll again have some say in Europe, avoiding the ghastliness of isolation.
There is none of the shaping of the experience into a series of 'caricature scenes', as Graves called his vignettes in Goodbye toAllTbat, (69) nor is there the offhand self-deprecatory style of Frank Richards in his memoir, Old Soldiers Never Die, (70) one that created a degree of distance from the ghastliness of the trenches.
As Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu stated "Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning; for without forgiveness there is no future." He also said "Despite all of the ghastliness in the world, human beings are made for goodness.