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a spring that discharges hot water and steam

to overflow like a geyser

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Crystal Geyser Water Company, Calistoga, Calif., USA, Tel: + 1 707 942 0500, Web:
BEST FOOT FORWARD: Kirsty Grimley, who has set herself a 'fountain to geyser' walking challenge
According to Ingersoll, one way to get more ice is if the geyser chambers contain water.
Otsuka Beverage to recall 8 million bottles of Crystal Geyser
For the curious young reader, the work is organized around predictable questions about what causes a geyser, why it erupts, how old it is, what dangers it poses, and where geysers are active around the globe.
In a recent release, the technology market research firm says that the press and research analysts have acted irresponsibly in characterizing RFID as producing a "geyser of near-term revenue." According to VDC, that geyser is actually more like a stream.
Although the word refers to all geysers in general, it originates from a single geyser located in the south-west of Iceland.
An erupting geyser dazzles visitors like few other natural events.
Geyser Peak Winery is putting its two new vintages, a 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma and a 1997 Reserve Alexandre Meritage from the Alexander Valley, to the test through its Geyser Peak Reserve Challenge program, a nationwide blind tasting tour aimed at retailers and restaurant operators.
Following are Coca-Cola Japan's own brand, Mon no Mizu Dayori, with 14 percent, House Foods with 13, then Volvic (8%), Evian (5), Kirin's Alkaline Ion Water (4), Crystal Geyser (4) and Vittel (2).
The 1993 "World Almanac of the USA" states that Oregon "boasts the largest extent of standing timber, the biggest sand dune and the largest geyser" in America.
CRYSTAL GEYSER NATURAL alpine spring water recently announced it will help AMERICAN FORESTS plant 50,000 trees a year over the next five years.
Geyser submitted to his fellow members in late July.
Then there is bonnet-like Hooded Geyser, a gargling perpetual spouter.
represented the buyer, Big Geyser, Inc., a major distributor of soda and bottled water.