get stuck

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Synonyms for get stuck

be unable to move further

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You've hit a pothole, lose PSxxx Cara Lutz It's your birthday, get stuck on M62 for rest of the game.
If Cinnamon is interrupted, or confused by extra noise or activity, she can get stuck because she feels she needs to finish the last activity or thought in her mind before doing something else.
In September a puppy got his head stuck in a wine rack, August saw a gecko get stuck under f loorboa rds and on April Fool's Day another dog got trapped between two fences.
Now she might look a little funny, but we can leave the house and not worry that she will get stuck in the fence for long periods of time.
"The new express road does not really save time because you then get stuck with other drivers who are going to the National Paints flyover," said Jouana Saud, a mother of two.